Kingdom Hearts: Seven rays of light, 13 shadows of darkness


Yeah, I invited u guys here 4 moral support.

Dat also goes same with Perblue paying Marvel & LucasFilms so Marvel & star wars characters being added.


Just like KH not being in the game? :smiley:
Dat woukd make me very happy.
Both KH, Marvel, & Star wars not being in the game would satisfy me.


So agreed. Just the fact they give wot KH fans want but not us Marvel & Star Wars fans just gets me pissed :triumph:.


they need to be able to use them smh


Alright M8s! Wots ur opinion?!

  • Yes 4 KH, Marvel, & Star Wars being in game. And u choose dis option, u basically said u would like these 3 franchises in the game.
  • Heck no! They have their own games. They stay put where they belong. And U choose dis option, u basically say u would not like these 3 franchises in game

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Why’d you make a poll about that?

  • keep it on topic
  • or stay where its going

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I think he is trying 2 calculate everyone’s opinion about who wants who. I mean, its not a bad idea. Right?


just keep it on topic he made great skills


Alright. Srry 4 the mistakes.


@Walt_disney_X you make polls to often imo.


Tetsuya Nomura is the lead behind the KH series. He has worked with Squaresoft and after their medling with Enix as Square-Enix since Final Fantasy VI (6) or as it’s known in the Americas as Final Fantasy III (3). Square and Disney of Japan shared an office building and after two executives met each other on the elevator the early foundation for Kingdom Hearts was born. A series that has spanned 17 years and has had games on 4 consoles, 4 handhelds and a mobile game. Kingdom Hearts while having worlds from Disney and the characters that reside in them such as Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Hercules, Lion King, so on and so forth. It also has original worlds with Final Fantasy Characters such as Squall from FFVIII, Cloud from FFVII and Tidus from FFX. The original characters and worlds are property of SE. Meaning that while Sora has appeared in Disney worlds and in the case of events that happen in KH3 is part of the Disney canon, he is intellectual property of SE. So the chances of him or any KH original character (Riku, Kairi, Aqua, etc) is slim to none.


It’s a game series (20 letters)


Oh no ! We agree ! :joy:
Marks date in calendar…


Maybe because we live in a democracy - Well at least in my country…maybe you come from sort of dictatorship or communism !!! Lol back to the topic - polls are great


Good point…

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I thought you were talking to me, sorry


Hello, fellow KH nerd here! Anyways, allow me to take the time to address several things.

It goes without saying that there’s a ridiculous amount of politics involved in using characters from within and outside of Disney. Yes, Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars, but having crossovers with Disney characters is very seldom. But yes, it CAN happen. We’ve seen this happen in Disney tv shows like when Marvel and Star Wars crossed over with Phineas and Ferb. And yes, we’ve seen this in video games as well—between 2013-2015, Disney Infinity was a video game franchise that featured playable characters from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars (unfortunately, the company that made that franchise has since shut down :disappointed_relieved:). So yeah, it’s not entirely surprising for fans to hope that these characters can cross over, as it has happened. BUT, there’s absolutely no reason for us to believe that it will, especially for a mobile game. Marvel and Star Wars already have their own mobile games, and these games are extremely unlikely to have fan-service crossovers because Disney is very, very VERY particular of how their characters are distributed. Disney Infinity was a miracle on its own, but it eventually expired due to severe competition with Skylanders (amongst other factors).

As far as KH characters are concerned, they’ve only ever been able to make appearances outside of their games by appearing in other Square Enix games. Sora has recently been added as a playable (guest) character in a couple of Final Fantasy mobile games. Square Enix can do anything they want with KH characters, and there’s no reason to believe that Disney has any kind of influence on what they can do with KH characters like Sora, Riku, etc. That being said, I think that the politics involved to get KH characters into a game made by PB is where things will get complicated. I highly doubt a deal can be made here :confused:

Before you get started on how we see characters in video game crossovers like in Soul Caliber, Marvel vs Capcom, Smash Bros, etc, please be mindful that all these needed a miracle to happen. Crossovers are hard to achieve for a reason. For PB to get their hands on a creative license to use Disney/Pixar characters is a miracle on its own. You best believe they’d have to have another miracle or seven for them to have even restricted use of Marvel characters.

Now… with all that out of the way… there’s no stopping us to wish anyway. We can at least make concept movesets for these characters because theory-crafting in this game is just so fun. Just, you know, keep the movesets balanced with the rest of the cast.


You have to remind yourself that licensing is a VERY costly and difficult agenda.

Licenses are USUALLY bought for 2 years.

So there is a calculation ahead before buying a license.
Will this license be profitable, will it be enough profit for the investors ?
Will there be enoigh profit for our company !?
These calculations are made stone cold…

No the friendly company did NOT make any game for the just pure joy of it !

The same applies to KH !

So someone at a company had the same idea already and decided against it


One question[quote=“Scrooge_McDuck2017, post:1, topic:140826, full:true”]

”The heart may be weak and sometimes it might even give in. But I’ve learned that deep down, there’s a light the never goes out”
Sora is a front-line damage hero

White Skill: Keyblade Slash
Sora swings his keyblade around hitting the nearest enemies. He starts with 30 hits but the more his skill is leveled up the less hits, but the damage will increase. When he reaches skill level 20, his skill increases damage the more it’s leveled up. He hits ten times.

Green Skill: Give Me Strength
Sora increases attack speed and gives himself 150 energy

Blue Skill: Bond
Sora charms an enemy for 8 seconds. May fail to enemies more than 20 levels ahead of the skill.

Purple Skill: Seal the Evil Out
Sora used his keyblade to lock the portal to the other worlds, stunning enemies for 7 seconds. This may fail if enemies are more than 40 levels more than the skill level.


”A true friend will see you for who you are, no matter the face you wear”
Riku is a front-line control hero

White Skill: Takedown
Riku punches the nearest enemie nocking then back and stunning them

Green Skill: Soul Ester
Riku hits all enemies with his keyblade.

Blue Skill: Summon to Control
Riku summons one heartless to the battlefield. The heartless has its own HP.

Purple Skill: Mirage
Riku uses his keyblade to make one copy of one of his allies. The copy will have slightly weaker stats. He can only do this twice per wave.

The Heartless will look like this:


”Power is born within the heart. When the time is right, you need to look inside yourself… and you’ll find it there”
Aqua is a mid-line support hero

White Skill: Courage
Aqua increases attack speed and her basic damage increases by 50%

Green Skill: Heal
Aqua heals herself 30% of her max HP

Blue Skill: Despared
When Aqua is KO’ed, she revives into a Heartless (don’t worry she is still your ally)

Purple Skill: Guided Heart
Aqua can’t be charmed

How is aqua a support when she is more like a tank?