Kingdom Hearts: Seven rays of light, 13 shadows of darkness


And again and again and again = No
No marvel, no Star Wars, no DC no nonsense



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That’s just a little rude don’t you think? He was just pointing out how unlikely this is.

We get you would love these charactera to be in the game, and you would not be alone of that point. However, telling someone to shut up just because they are setting straight a realistic expectation that has been pointed out time and time again, it’s just not necessary.


Kinokan I appreciate your calm and thoughtful responses.
You clearly deserve the title regular.

@Scrooge_McDuck2017 the licensing of trademarks is a minefield. Just by mentioning OVER and OVER the same issue doesn’t make it better or will enhance the chance that it will happen. You not only bore me and other ppl - you are annoying.

Can we pls perma-close this issue ?!


Well…I mean…that isnt possible… Cuz people will always make a new topic. This wasnt the first and I am likr 99% sure that it will not be the last…

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So yah…


Guys, can we pls be in peace? I really don’t want a outbreak 2 happen & everyone gets mad at each other. We r all good people on the forums, right? :sweat_smile:


…That is it!!! I am TIRED of your passiveness!! @DroneIX!!!



Jk…calm down everyone. No wars here…yet…unless someone were to try to pop more of my brothers with an umbrella…we all know who I am talking about…well most of us do :wink:


Yes, we all know wot ur talking about. :wink:


I’m sorry for the rude message but come on! I already know how many critics there are! I am going to try and say this calmly ok? There is always going to be some people in your lives that are going to hate you. I have been criticized and bullied so please just post positive comments not “PerBlue needs a license.” There is still a chance! Even if it’s low. Like the Phineas and Ferb/Marvel colab. IT HAPPENED!!!
Here’s the proof:

There’s always a chance!


Alright, let’s do it your way. Let’s forget about politics and other licensing BS a game-making company have to go through in order to use characters that aren’t their own.

Now… looking through your movesets, they’re either grossly unbalanced, cannot even begin to fit into the mechanics of this game, or both. Some of them I can’t even begin to understand. Like, how is it reasonable for Sora to have a 30-hit move? Why would it have to take 20 levels above a skill level for certain effects to begin to fail? And that’s just with Sora. Almost everyone else’s movesets suffer the same issues!

What these ideas need is a great amount of refinement. These movesets would feel much more dynamic and interesting if the rest of us can clearly imagine how they interact with existing characters. Because yes, I expect Sora to have a competent moveset that feels fair when going up against Sulley.

Make movesets with the game in mind! And if that means limiting what these characters can do, then that also gives you room to get creative. Like, really creative.

I don’t want to be mean here, but I urge you to take a look at these movesets again, and give them proper treatment.


I seriously, Seriously don’t get Sora’s White move:

  1. Biggest one here: Sora can do so many things across the games! Between magic, Drive forms, Shotlock, limit breaks, Attraction commands and everything else, you decided to leave a generic “Keyblade slash” as one of his only four abilities? Isn’t he already going to slash with the Keyblade for his basic attacks?

  2. Why does it hit so many times? 30 hits is overkill, and assuming he actually visually slashes an enemy once per hit, would take way too long

  3. Why does the number of hits go DOWN with level ups? What is that supposed to represent? Do they have different animations for different numbers of hits, or is it just the same generic slash animation every time so the extra hits can be easily taken out?


Because each hit get more powerful


Sora’s White Skill has the Quorra-esque vibe… her hits are a constant 7 and the damages are constant… but 30 is too much hits, unless you can fit all of those 30 hits within 5 seconds or less.


FYI, do you know how much code it will take to make all of Sora’s forms? It takes like over 1000 lines of code. Also you will only catch a glimpse so what’s the point. Sure Mickey might do the same but he has WAY fewer forms and they last a little longer. I have edited Sora’s white Skill because of ACTUAL flaws. So hope you are happy with the white skill. Also if you have read carefully you will notice it had said “The more he is leveled up the less hits, but THE DAMAGE INCREASES.”


Ok it was only Sora’s moves I got creative with. I didn’t have any ideas for Kairi’s, Aqua’s, or Riku’s moves. So I searched up for their abilities and all that you see there, is what I put on here. Don’t believe me? Search it up


If that was the case and you searched the web for abilities you found the most generic ones possible. “Keyblade Slash”? I believe you are looking for Ars Arcanum. You could go with other abilities like that. Ragnarok, Sonic Blade, Strike Raid etc.

Kairi isn’t a good choice just because she has done so little fighting.

Riku while he does use the power of darkness he does not in any way summon or control heartless. Have skills like Dark Firaga, Helm Splitter, Dark Aura, etc.

Aqua also has so much more to her than what is presented. No “Spell Weaver” or “Prism Rain”. These skillsets are ones made by someone who knows nothing about the series or the characters. I’m not trying to sound harsh but there was only the bare minimum put into these skillsets. They only get worse the more times I see and analyze them.


I’m beginning to think you know very little of what these characters can do.

Sora’s attacks are absolute nonsense. And no, I do not believe you, because Riku (as we know him now) cannot control heartless anymore. Kairi doesn’t have any of this “final seal” BS, like, no, this girl can’t do any of that. And Aqua? It’s a shallow mess. You can’t tell me that you’re a fan of any of these characters when you can’t even give them moves that are named after the things they can do.

I’m sorry, but no. These movesets poorly represents these characters as they are right now.


I have never payed any KH game.

Ok eveyone…this is getting intense here. Give the person a chance. I feel like to many people are ganing up on the OP.

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Agreed. It’s getting out of control, so just going to write something to make everybody heat up a bit more.
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