Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff/Phil Friendship Campaign

Here is Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff’s second friendship campaign!

Campaign Name: City Warriors

Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff/Phil


Allies: Simba and Nala, Violet, Shank

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff and Phil are now friends!

Kirby: Poyo?

Tiff: What do you see, Kirby?

Tuff: I think it’s a goat.

Phil: Whoa whoa whoa! No way you kids are going to pull on me!

Kirby: Oh!

Tuff: Hey, Tiff. What’s that?

Tiff: I’m not sure. I don’t think I’ve seen a creature like that before.

Phil: You kids have never seen a satyr before?

Tiff: Is that what you are?

Phil: Correct. Mix that with a thick head and a knack for training heroes and you get me. Name’s Phil.

Campaign Story: Phil shows Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff various heroes in the City.

Phil: So, Kirby here is a Star Warrior, huh?

Kirby: * nods *

Tuff: Of course, Kirby is a Star Warrior!

Phil: You must be joking, kid.

Tiff: You don’t believe us?

Phil: Oh, I’ll believe it, when I see it.

Chapter 1: High Doubts

Chapter 1-1: Tiff and Tuff are struck by Phil’s comments. How can he not think Kirby is a hero?

Chapter 1-2: No matter how many adventures they told him. The satyr continues to brush it aside.

Chapter 1-3: As they continue walking, the four are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 1-4: Tiff tried to call the Warp Star but to no avail.

Chapter 1-5: Phil charges into some Brutes, delivering a massive punch.

Phil: You kids better get out of here!

Phil: Especially you, pinky!

Kirby: Hy-ah!

Chapter 2: Spit Back

Chapter 2-1: Kirby jumped into the fray and began to inhale all the creeps.

Chapter 2-2: More creeps keep coming. Kirby spits them out as a big star, knocking them back.

Chapter 2-3: Phil watches amazed by Kirby’s form of attack.

Chapter 2-4: The Warp Star appears and they jump on to fly out of the horde.

Chapter 2-5: The Warp Star lands them at the Park. Phil then gets off.

Phil: Okay, I gotta hand it to little pinky. He really has what it takes to be a hero.

Tuff: See? We told you he was a Star Warrior!

Phil: Hang on, sport. He may be a Star Warrior. But he has to know what to expect here in the City.

Kirby: Poyo?

Tiff: So what’re you saying, Phil?

Phil: I’m saying he’ll need to see how other heroes deal with things here.

Chapter 3: Strong Start

Chapter 3-1: Phil decides that Kirby should know some of the heroes in the City.

Chapter 3-2: The first one that comes into his mind is Hercules. He was the first hero the satyr has trained in a long time.

Chapter 3-3: Tracking him down wasn’t too hard. They easily find him training at the City Coliseum.

Chapter 3-4: Kirby got curious about Herc’s strength as he wanders up to him.

Chapter 3-5: Hercules quickly sees Kirby along with Tiff, Tuff, and Phil.

Kirby: Poyo!

Hercules: Oh, hey there, little guy. Have you come here from Phil?

Tiff: Well, if Kirby is trying to be known as a Star Warrior here in the City, then sure.

Phil: Take a good look, pinky. Here is what a true hero looks like.

Chapter 4: Sticky Mix

Chapter 4-1: Phil leads them out of the Coliseum to show them another hero.

Chapter 4-2: When Tiff asks who they’re seeing next. The four are ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 4-3: Kirby gets ready to inhale the creeps. But they got bombarded by some kind of color balls.

Chapter 4-4: When the colored smoke settles, Kirby sees Honey Lemon taking out creeps left and right.

Chapter 4-5: Kirby assists by sucking up any creeps remaining.

Honey Lemon: Oh hi there, little guy! What’s your name?

Kirby: Kirby! Kirby!

Phil: Gotta hand it to ya Honey Lemon. That was excellent timing.

Tuff: Is she another hero in the City?

Phil: Correct you are, kid.

Phil: And if your sister has some spunk in her. She could be a hero too.

Tiff: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?

Friend Level 7 Dialogue

Phil: So, are there any other puffball-like creatures like Kirby?

Tuff: Well, we never really thought about it too much.

Tiff: We always assumed Kirby was one of a kind.

Kirby: Poyo!

Phil: Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

Chapter 5: Getting the Point

Chapter 5-1: Before things could get out of hand. Honey Lemon intervenes.

Chapter 5-2: She tells Tiff that girls can be heroes too. And so can kids.

Chapter 5-3: Tiff sounded unsure of that. But knows she and Tuff were heroes too.

Chapter 5-4: When they leave, Kirby hears the sound of arrows firing.

Chapter 5-5: When they reach the Park. They find Robin Hood and Merida having an archery contest.

Kirby: Poyo?

Phil: Looks like we stumbled upon an archery competition between Merida and Robin Hood.

Tiff: Let me guess, they’re heroes too.

Phil: You are right.

Tiff: You keep on showing us heroes, Phil. But you still don’t believe Kirby is one?

Phil: Oh I’ll believe he’s one if he can take down an enormous monster. Say like, a Mamabot.

Chapter 6: Mamabot Mayhem

Chapter 6-1: As if on cue, a Mamabot can be heard in the distance.

Chapter 6-2: Robin Hood and Merida hear and followed the sounds down to the Downtown District. Kirby and his friends followed after.

Chapter 6-3: Phil tried his best to help out by throwing some massive punches at the legs.

Chapter 6-4: Kirby does his best to dodge the Mamabot’s lasers and creeps it spawns.

Chapter 6-5: Just as an arrow from Robin Hood drops, Tiff gets an idea.

Tiff: Kirby! Suck up that arrow!

Phil: What’s that gonna do?!

Tuff: Just trust us!

Chapter 7: Triple the Arrows

Chapter 7-1: Kirby does what Tiff said and inhales the arrow.

Chapter 7-2: In a matter of seconds, Kirby was now, Archer Kirby!

Chapter 7-3: Kirby joins in with Robin Hood and Merida and they fire a volley of arrows.

Chapter 7-4: Kirby finishes the Mamabot off with a well-charged-up shot.

Chapter 7-5: Kirby turns back to his normal self just as the Mamabot falls.

Tuff: Alright, Kirby!

Phil: Ya did it, kid! Ya did it!

Robin Hood: Indeed, my friend. You have done us a noble deed.

Kirby: Poyo!

Friend Level 10 Dialogue

Tiff: Some of these training courses seem… odd.

Phil: Some of this has to prove Kirby can be a hero.

Tuff: But what does carrying a gem over a spiky pit have to do with being a hero?

Kirby: Poyo! * running with the gem over his head *

Phil: I’m sure he doesn’t need an explanation

Chapter 8: Star Hero

Chapter 8-1: With a big smile, Kirby and the others walk back home.

Chapter 8-2: They did have to deal with a few creeps, but Tiff called in the Warp Star.

Chapter 8-3: With all the heroes they met today, makes Tiff and Tuff wonder if Star Warriors aren’t the only heroes.

Chapter 8-4: Most of the time walking was rather silent.

Chapter 8-5: That was until Phil broke the silence.

Phil: Ok, I give in. Kirby is a hero.

Tiff: Oh, what convinced you?

Phil: Wasn’t “what” convinced me. But “who”. It was you three.

Kirby: Poyo?

Phil: See, you three didn’t back down from the fight with my stubbornness.

Phil: You know, I happen to run a hero training workshop in the Warehouse District. If you or Kirby want to join, you’re welcome to do it.

Campaign “City Warriors” complete

“Calling all Heroes” unlocked.


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