Protector Lucky's Hall of Friendship Campaigns

This topic will showcase all of my friendship campaigns for my hero concepts. These will be for when I made that said hero and sorted from likely and unlikely. Enjoy!

Friendship Campaigns for Likely Concepts

Puppy Caper - Pongo and Perdita/Judy Hopps

Cat and Dog Chase - Pongo and Perdita/Simba and Nala

Power Search - Bolt/Rapunzel

Animal Care - Bolt/Baymax

BuzzzTube 101 - Yesss/Goofy

Streets of Laughter - Yesss/Mike Wazoski

Honor the People - Fa Mulan/Robin Hood

Missing Mushu - Fa Mulan/Kida

Princess Partners - Maid Marian/Jasmine

City Love - Maid Marian/Robin Hood

Hero Outcast - Esmeralda/Judy Hopps

Man or Monster - Esmeralda/Sulley and Boo

Gadget Swap - Flik/Hiro Hamada

Harvest Together - Flik/Pocahontas

Oogie Boogie Bust - Rabbit/Sally

Grow Show - Rabbit/EVE

To Fix a Miracle - Mirabel Madrigal/Felix

Brawl in the City - Luisa Madrigal/Hercules

Friendship Campaigns for Unlikely Concepts

Mario and Mickey Superstar Saga - Mario/Mickey Mouse

City Sunshine - Mario/Alice

City Skylanders - Spyro/Violet

Lost Cri-Kee - Spyro/Mushu

Hero Rescue - Luigi/Nick Wilde

Ghostly Combat - Luigi/Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker

Mission PAW Deluxe - Chase/Judy Hopps

Ratigan Rumble - Chase/Basil of Baker Street

Evil Off - Bowser/Maleficent

Bowser 3D Land - Bowser/Madam Mim

Dream Heroes - Stealth Elf/Slinky Dog

Summon a Hero - Stealth Elf/Manticore

Bird Caper - Tessa and Whiskers/Russell and Kevin

Hero Film - Tessa and Whiskers/Pleakley

Magic Mayhem - Ashley/Ian Lightfoot

Lost Companions - Ashley/Belle

Misfit Adventure - Rudolph/Elsa

Making Christmas - Rudolph/Jack Skellington

Hero Rescue 2.0 - Leo/Mulan

Heroes of the Night - Leo/Esmeralda

Gather the Gems! - Erputor/Sisu

Hot and Cold - Eruptor/Sadness

Nightmare in the City - Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff/Lilo

Kirby’s first friendship campaign is now available! Here are some upcoming friendship campaigns.

Kirby, Tiff, & Tuff/Phil

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