Protector Lucky's Hall of Friendship Campaigns

This topic will showcase all of my friendship campaigns for my hero concepts. These will be for when I made that said hero and sorted from likely and unlikely. Enjoy!

Friendship Campaigns for Likely Concepts

Puppy Caper - Pongo and Perdita/Judy Hopps

Cat and Dog Chase - Pongo and Perdita/Simba and Nala

Power Search - Bolt/Rapunzel

Animal Care - Bolt/Baymax

BuzzzTube 101 - Yesss/Goofy

Streets of Laughter - Yesss/Mike Wazoski

Honor the People - Fa Mulan/Robin Hood

Missing Mushu - Fa Mulan/Kida

Princess Partners - Maid Marian/Jasmine

City Love - Maid Marian/Robin Hood

Hero Outcast - Esmeralda/Judy Hopps

Man or Monster - Esmeralda/Sulley and Boo

Gadget Swap - Flik/Hiro Hamada

Harvest Together - Flik/Pocahontas

Oogie Boogie Bust - Rabbit/Sally

Grow Show - Rabbit/EVE

To Fix a Miracle - Mirabel Madrigal/Felix

Stronger Without Magic - Mirabel Madrigal/Anna

Brawl in the City - Luisa Madrigal/Hercules

Extreme Pressure - Luisa Madrigal/Fear

Floral Frenzy - Isabela Madrigal/Aurora

Flower Power - Isabela Madrigal/Daisy Duck

The Most Powerful of All - Dawn Bellwether/Evil Queen

Friendship Campaigns for Unlikely Concepts

Mario and Mickey Superstar Saga - Mario/Mickey Mouse

City Sunshine - Mario/Alice

City Skylanders - Spyro/Violet

Lost Cri-Kee - Spyro/Mushu

Hero Rescue - Luigi/Nick Wilde

Ghostly Combat - Luigi/Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker

Mission PAW Deluxe - Chase/Judy Hopps

Ratigan Rumble - Chase/Basil of Baker Street

Evil Off - Bowser/Maleficent

Bowser 3D Land - Bowser/Madam Mim

Dream Heroes - Stealth Elf/Slinky Dog

Summon a Hero - Stealth Elf/Manticore

Bird Caper - Tessa and Whiskers/Russell and Kevin

Hero Film - Tessa and Whiskers/Pleakley

Magic Mayhem - Ashley/Ian Lightfoot

Lost Companions - Ashley/Belle

Misfit Adventure - Rudolph/Elsa

Making Christmas - Rudolph/Jack Skellington

Hero Rescue 2.0 - Leo/Mulan

Heroes of the Night - Leo/Esmeralda

Gather the Gems! - Erputor/Sisu

Hot and Cold - Eruptor/Sadness

Nightmare in the City - Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff/Lilo

City Warriors - Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff/Phil

Pups Stop a Villain - Marshall/Kim Possible

Meteor Mania - Marshall/Elastigirl

Everyone’s Hero - Mr. Wolf/ Snow White

Master Heist - Mr. Wolf/Flynn Rider

Blue’s Big City Mystery - Blue/Chip and Dale

Storybook Chaos - Blue/Belle


Kirby’s first friendship campaign is now available! Here are some upcoming friendship campaigns.

Kirby, Tiff, & Tuff/Phil


Mirabel and Anna’s friendship campaign is now available to view!


Isabela and Daisy’s friendship campaign is now available!


Luisa and Fear’s friendship campaign is now available!


Marshall’s friendship campaign with Kim Possible is now available!

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Kirby’s second friendship with Phil is now available!


Mr. Wolf’s first friendship campaign is available!


Blue’s first friendship campaign is available for view!

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Mr. Wolf’s second friendship campaign is available now!

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Blue’s second friendship campaign is now available!

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