Kung food fighting (unlikely concept)

Kung food

Stars: :star::star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Control
Trial team: Red

“Foolish girl, you are not eating soup, you are soup!”

The fearsome kung food uses food based weapons and soup that can hypnotise people in order to become the greatest chef in the world


Entrance: a flying rice ball projects an image of his un-akumatized self before the rice ball flys upwards revealing kung food who pulls out his sushi tonfas.

Victory: kung food laughs triumphly

Defeat: kung food gets knocked out as his hat flys off

Basic attack: Kung food hits the nearest enemy with his sushi tonfas, dealing X damage.


White: Ruined soup

Kung food let’s the two frontmost enemies taste the soup that was messed with, controlling (aka charming) the two enemies until his energy runs out and granting kung food 2 buffs from each controlled enemy.

The controlled (charmed) enemies have X attack power and 70% movement speed while they are controlled (charmed)

Green: Pizza Sword

Kung food pulls out his pizza sword and swings it at the enemy team, dealing X damage to each foe hit by the pizza sword and slowing their movement speed by 45%, kung food that flings the backmost enemy into the frontlines with the sword, dealing X damage and stunning the enemy for 7 seconds.

Blue: Red pepper

Whenever an enemy gets close enough to kung food, he pulls out a dust of red pepper and blows it at the enemy, blinding the enemy for 7 seconds, if the enemy is already blinded, then kung food steals X skill power from the enemy and increases the duration of the blind by 3 seconds.

Purple: Brat soup

Whenever kung food inflicts a disable onto an enemy, kung food gains 2 stacks of hardy and heals himself for X amount.

Red: Superhero flavor

“Ruined soup” now has a 45% chance to make kung food invincible for 7 seconds while also increasing his max HP by 25% per each second that he is invincible.

“Pizza sword” now deals X more damage per each stack of hardy on kung food.
+X damage to “pizza sword”
+X skill power
+X max HP


Kung food/The Swedish Chef
blinding slows enemies

Each blind inflicted onto an enemy slows their movement speed by 25%

Kung food/Winnie the pooh
Bear soup
hardy increases armor

Each stack of hardy increases kung food’s armor by 35%


:rofl: :rofl:


Yeah. But I wonder what does Chloe tastes like as soup.

Well…he was planning for her to be the main ingredient in Brat soup…so…she probably tastes like a spoiled brat

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