Kuzco and Pacha

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Kuzco and Pacha

Kuzco are a 1-Star, Midline, Support Duo
Trial Team: yellow
Quote: My beautiful, beautiful face! Llama face.
Description: With the Emperor’s Groove on their side Kuzco and his friend Pacha protect their allies.
Appear: they walk to their position
Victory: Kuzco and Pacha give High Five
Defeat: Kuzco and Pacha start to hit each other
Basic Attack: Kuzco hits an enemy dealing X damage


White: Boom Baby!
:fist: Normal Damage

Passive: With every Basic Attack Kuzco and Pacha apply a Stack of Llama to themselves. Debuffs on enemies and buffs in allies with each Stack of Llama Kuzco and Pacha have. They can have a maximum number of five stacks.

Active: Kuzco and Pacha hit the closest enemy seven times dealing X damage per hit +X damage per Stack of Llama they have.

Green: No Llama Face
Pacha dresses Kuzco up like a woman and Kuzco smiles at the enemies charming the three back most ones for twelve seconds giving each ally a shield with X HP for the time the enemies are charmed.

Blue: Little Kiss of Life
Once per battle when an ally reaches 0 HP Pacha reanimates them healing them with X HP.
This Skill can be used only once per fight.

Purple: What is he babbling about?
Kuzco and Pacha are immune to all disables.
The immunity can fail against enemies above Level X.

Red: Drama Llama
When Kuzco and Pacha reach 25% of their Max HP they become invincible for eight seconds.
The invincibility can fail against enemies above Level X.

+X Armor
+X Max HP
+X Healing with Little Kiss of Life


Kuzco and Pacha/Kristoff and Sven
Campaign: Animal Buddies
Allies: Woody, Maui, Gerald
Disk: Best Buddies
Boom Baby heals all allies with X HP per Level
No Llama Face charms one second longer per Star

Kuzco and Pacha/Kronk
Campaign: The next Family Meeting
Allies: Vanellope, Penny , Yzma
Disk: Huge Fun
Kuzco and Pacha heals all allies with X HP for the first ten seconds of the wave per Level
Kuzco and Pacha are invincible for the first two seconds of the wave per Star


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