Kuzco (The Emperor's New Groove, 2000)

Disney Heroes Concept#7: Kuzco:

Description: Kuzco is an greedy emperor who learns his lessons and becomes a absolute unit on the battlefield

Stars: :star: :star: :star:

Trial Team: Yellow

Catchphrase: “Hey! You through off my groove!”

Win: Kuzco will laugh once

Loss: Kuzco will turn into a llama

Kuzco is an charm

White Skill: Potions (Kuzco will drink a potion and turn into a whale and flop on the opponents)

Green Skill: Crybaby (Kuzco will turn into a llama and start crying doing x damage to the foes)

Blue Skill: Fiesty Llama (Kuzco will kick the opponents when he is in llama mode)

Purple Skill: Which One? (Potions now has three effects. A whale, a parrot. and a mouse)

Red Skill: Groove (Kuzco in human form can be healed 10% of his damage when he hits 50% once)

Kuzco is offense


Kronk & Madam Mim

Kronk Conversation:

Kronk: “Kuzco, where have you been?”

Kuzco: “Just, eh. Ruling the whole entire kingdom. Not much”

Kronk: chuckles “I wish I was an emperor!”

Kuzco: “Maybe you can become an emperor of this wasteland?”

Kronk: “That is a good idea.”

Kuzco: “All you gotta do is get permission from everyone here”

Kronk: “Oh, right.”

11 likes for Madam Mim Coversation.

I have no words… Why??


Your almost about to reach the goal!

Just need 11 more! :heart_eyes:

Cant wait :relaxed:


This comment got 11 likes… does that mean the amazing conversation is coming?


I guess. But stop mocking me!

:roll_eyes: You did this to yourself. You’re wanting people to like something that’s incomplete so you can complete it…
People don’t like incomplete things and you’re not completing it without likes :man_shrugging:… you’ve just created a concept paradox that affects you only


I gave you feedback on your Phineas concept and linked you to a very detailed guide to give you further advice. You have made four more concepts since then (all within the span of only a week) and as far as I can tell, you haven’t really made any super noticeable changes to your concepts between then and now, especially in regards to the specifics on your skills (which was something both I and Lovely/@LoveIy said needed improving).

I understand that you’re new to concept making. However, I would seriously suggest that you dedicate more time to fleshing out these concepts before posting them so that they become the best concepts that they can be.


I quit. Apparently I’m not good enough.

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