La Cucaracha (Unlikely concept)

Zoot suit daffy

Stars: :star::star:
Position: Backline
Role: Control
Trial team: Red

“How different it was in my native village…”

how different this daffy is from other daffy’s, role disabling, easier dodges and buff converting and then there was a stun and a silence


Entrance: Zoot suit daffy runs in and poses before stancing

Victory: zoot suit daffy poses and smiles

Defeat: zoot suit daffy frowns before running off the battlefield

Basic attack: zoot suit daffy runs off screen from his side then he sneaks behind and kicks the further most enemy before running back to his position, dealing X damage



White: Cucaracha (Fantastic damage)

Zoot suit daffy rushes off screen then he appears to break the fourth wall as he runs in front of the screen, looks at the screen and poses while a red screen covers the battlefield before he rushes back to his position.

This deals X damage to all enemies while also inflicting disables based on what role each enemy is on the battlefield.

Tank and damage: stuns the enemy for 10 seconds

Control: silences the enemy for 10 seconds

Support: blinds the enemy for 10 seconds

All these disables have a chance to fail against enemies above LV Z


Green: phooey!

Zoot suit daffy increases the dodge chance of all allies by 50% while also healing the ally with the least amount of health for X amount and making that ally invincible for 10 seconds.

the dodge chance is less effective on allies above LV Z


Blue: Shoopity bop

Whenever an ally dodges an attack from a enemy, zoot suit daffy converts 2-3 buffs into debuffs and gives the same buffs before he converted them to the weakest ally with their duration refreshed.

Zoot suit daffy can only use this move every 5 seconds before it has to cooldown.


Purple: Aren’t we gruesome

Each time that an ally dodges an attack, zoot suit daffy gains 15% attack speed, 15% movement speed and 15% dodge chance.


Red: And then there was…

“Cucaracha” now gains the following effects when inflicted onto enemies

Tank and damage: decreases 35% armor and 35% skill power from each target enemy.

Control: decreases the duration of each disable that the enemy inflicts onto an ally by 5 seconds while also inflicting the enemy with the same disable that they inflict onto the ally.

Support: Heals the two weakest allies for X amount and converts 2-4 buffs on the target enemy into debuffs
+X damage to “Cucaracha”
+X max HP
+X skill power


Zoot suit daffy/Mr. Big and Koslov
Weird business
more converted buffs

“Shoopity bop” now converts 4-5 buffs on an enemy.

Zoot suit daffy/Scrooge mcduck
Suit chaos
Cooldowns reduced on weakest ally

Whenever zoot suit daffy uses “Shoopity bop”, the cooldown of the weakest allies blue skill is reduced by 50%


I just read the cucaracha and automatically liked it

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