Lady and the Tramp

Hello everyone!
Let’s cut to the chase, I really want Lady and the tramp to be in the game, I feel like they would be a good duo hero.

[Lady & Tramp - Character Concept]

This link shows the hero concept back in Aug 2019 for Lady and the Tramp, it’s a great concept put in a lot of thought for these characters. This concept was made by NCTzen_Haechan. You should really check it out!

I’m begging you! Please consider them adding to the game! They would again make a great duo hero.

(While writing this topic, I think I made a clickable link, idk I’m kinda eh when I come to this stuff. But if it does work or anything, highlight the link without the [ ] and copy it then paste it to a new page. It’s great concept page.)(also I’m new, I thought you should know that about me)

Lady in the tramp are a Easter in the game

Huh, that’s interesting… I haven’t noticed or ever got to play on that map. That’s really cool! Thanks for pointing out!

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