Leading Ladies, Take Charge!

I’ve put together a fun team that consists of Rapunzel, Moana, Jasmine, Merida, and Elsa. Surprisingly, they work (kinda) well together!

Key notes:

  • This team had to be played manually largely because of Rapunzel. Her skillset is much more suited for playing manually because her position often forces her to use Frying Pan Pummel instead of Healing Hair. The only way to avoid that kind of issue is to allow Rapunzel to use her Healing Hair without her White Skill interrupting the use of it because of Auto-mode.
  • Playing on manual is just better for this team anyway because Jasmine is better played manually as well.
  • Elsa, Merida, and Jasmine perpetuate crowd control, somewhat giving Rapunzel safer opportunities to heal.
  • Moana is mostly there to provide supplementary support—she can give a shield and a speed boost to one more ally, which is usually either Merida or Rapunzel.
  • Rajah acts as an off-tank, which gives Rapunzel some relief.

What are these?

Not unlocked red skill.

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Elsa is unlocked and Jasmine&Rapunzel are not unlocked?

Yes. Aurora needs to unlock their red skill from CW.

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This is the Reality of Red Skills. I only have Red Skills for a handful of characters—for the sake of transparency, those would be Elsa, Jack Skellington, Kevin, and Animal and that’s it. It’s not realistic for me to have anymore than those right now. Or ever, for that matter.

Maybe you’ll understand one day when Red Skills come to your Servers and there will be 40+ heroes that will have them but you can only work on 2 because investing in them sucks and it will probably never get better.

(Edit: I’m sorry if this came off as passive-aggressive. That’s just me misplacing my emotions because I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship with Red Skills.)

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