Let’s Get Creative Bro!

Hey everyone. Welcome to my first complete concept! This is a “test run” to see if anyone is interested in seeing what I can create. I’ll be creating a concept @LetsGetHollyJollyBro as he is a really cool guy. While it’s not necessary for me to make of him, I just want to make a concept correcting CantStopNow’s attempt. So, here we go!


Bio: A creative endeavor and a hard worker, LetsGetDangerousBro storms up a fight with his writing tablet in hand.

Quote: “School is hard, but at least it’s fun staying in the forums.”
Star Level: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Middle
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Turns on his writing tablet, ready for battle.
Victory: Tablet cycles through his concepts, similar to Kevin Flynn’s victory
Defeat: Falls on his knees in disappointment
Attack: Jabs enemies with his pencil

White skill: Brainstorm (Normal Damage)
Passive: LetsGetDangerousBros’s pencil stuns enemies for 2 seconds every 3 basic attacks.

Active: LetsGetDangerousBro brainstorms a concept, granting himself a shield that has XXXXX hp for 12 seconds. Three storm clouds surround LGDB that deal XXXXX damage whenever an enemy damage his shield. If his shield is destroyed, the clouds explode, dealing XXXXX damage, stunning them for 5 seconds, and draining 400 energy.

The stun and energy drain have a chance to fail against enemies above level XX.

Green Skill: Mistake Correction (Fantastic Damage)
Any time an enemy gains a buff, LGDB erases their buff, dealing XXXXX damage, removing their buffs, and reducing their attack and movement speed by 50%.

LGDB can use skill this every 8 seconds. This skill has a chance to fail against enemies above level XX.

Blue skill: Concept Creation
Once per wave, When an ally reaches 25% of their HP, LGDB writes on his tablet, healing the ally for XXXXX hp, and granting them 400% attack speed and XXXXX skill power for 10 seconds.

Purple Skill: Golden Writer
“Mistake Correction” also steals 40% of the enemy’s basic damage, armor and reality, and is then given to an ally whenever LGDB uses “Concept Creation”. This resets between waves.

LGDB now applies either a silence, sap, or stun every 3 basic attacks.

This effect is reduced against enemies and allies above level XX.

Red Skill: Getting More Dangerous (Normal Damage)
“Brainstorm” now grants allies a shield with one storm cloud. Whenever a shield is destroyed, it explodes, dealing XXXXX damage to all enemies and extending their current debuffs by 3 seconds.

The effect is reduced against enemies above level XXX.

Additional stat boosts:
+XXXXXX Basic Damage
+XXXXXX Reality
+XXXXX Damage from “Brainstorm” and “Mistake Correction”

Friendship Disks:
LGDB/Darkwing Duck (142)
The Fan with a Plan
Deactivate Enemy Buffs
+XX% Disable Length
“Brainstorm” now deactivates all active buffs on enemies, dealing XXXXX damage whenever a buff is disabled.

LGDB/Joy (147)
Great Minds Think Alike
“Concept Creation” Grants Ally Hardy
+XXXXX Basic Damage to team
“Concept Creation” grants allies X stack(s) of “Hardy” Hardy blocks a disable and is then removed.
Allies gain XXXX armor and reality whenever they are given a shield.

The next two concepts I Decided to release next are:
Mr Game and Watch (arriving this week potentially)
Myself (coming June 3rd because my account turns 2 years old)


Feedback is wanted! If there is any mistakes or any edits I should make, let me know!

9/10, really good for a first concept! I hope you make more.

Thank you! (10 Heroes)

No problem

btw can’t wait for Mr. Game and Watch.

yes please make more these are really fun and really showcase forumers so i like it

Amazing concept! :smiley:

Me game and watch? Ooo I hope he has the judge move!

To start off, this concept is good, the format is fine, and your spelling is great, so this will just be my opinions, which means that they don’t nee to affect you in some great impactful way. :grin:

First little weird thing. Idk, I just wouldn’t wack people with my tablet. I understand how hard it is too come up with a basic attack for some characters, but I just wouldn’t do this, but that is just imo.

There is a lot going on here, imo, just too much. He is like a supportive damaging control. I personally would drop the allies shields, and let them be added for the red skill. But that is just imo.

This skill is fine, once you put a cooldown on it. Ypu cannot have him erasing every single buff, that’s OP, but I see how it could be overlooked, and for a first concept, its no big deal.

How long does this boost last? Till the end of the wave? Also, does this happen once per ally or as many times as they reach 25% of their max HP? Can LGDB do it to himself?

How long do these boosts last, what if multiple allies needs concept creation activated before he has stolen from enough enemies?

Like I said earlier, he can now grant the shields to allies, but I would drop the anti shield immunity, as that is just, being direct, a cheap way to make him great against Shan Yu.

You have a lot of stuff in this concept, perhaps you could move some of it down to friendships, and drop some stuff.

Now remember, this is all my opinion, I apologize if it offended you, you don’t need to follow my ideas, though I would appreciate it if you tried not to overstuff your concepts. :grin:

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It’s ok! I’ll change it whenever I can!

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UPDATE! Added the following changes:

  • LGDB now attacks with his pencil rather than his tablet
  • Removed ally shield with his white skill. Ally shields are now limited to red skill
  • Green skill has cool down. Removing every buff will make his basic attack obsolete and make him more OP against buffs and stacks (yes he removes stacks like rage and happiness)
  • Blue skill activates once per wave on each ally, and speed increase lasts for a limited time.
  • Stat boosts gained from Purple and Blue resets between waves (Shouldn’t be permanent for the remainder of the fight)
  • Added Silence and Sap to Purple skill(makes him more of a control hero)
    *Dropped Anti Shield Immunity (My original intention was to make him more effective against Rex, Darkwing (Ni), Dash (Vi), and Shan Yu, but I think I went a little overboard. I might add “anti shield effects are less effective” if necessary.

If there’s anything else I should change let me know!


You know considering past LGDB concepts I didn’t expect much from this. But this was really good! Good job :+1:

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I actually kinda like it. Good job. :+1:


well, at least you like this one more than the other one lol


I actually like this one!

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