Lets talk about the overrated heroes

^^^ who do you think is overrated?

Nick Wilde
I know , I know he’s supposed to be good in CW- but he has never lasted a single complete watch for me.

Bah, only seems to work when played by AI.

Stacks of Groovey my webbed foot! I have had him solo my whole team before but he practically guarantees I won’t finish with 3 stars when I slot him in.

Linguine &Remy
Probably because they are are so hard to improve; but they look awesome on paper only for them to squish every time.

Davy Jones-
I must need his red skill or sumthing because his Kraken is wack-en and his chest is like a rotten grape. I see his claw thing animation but never makes an impact? I have seen spar results where he can dismantle sever max teams so I know he can be OP

Just a few that I have never been able to get going but I have read about how they are useful…I would love to understand what I am doing wrong so if anyone has any pointers???


Nope. He is great. Especially as a support in PVP.

He is only used to prevent quick fight points in Challengers


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Maybe you haven’t ever worked on him

He is really good in coliseum and arena cause of the revive, attack wise he isn’t great but it’s the revive that makes him good

I never hear about people talking about goofy, he is pretty weak against the current meta

He isn’t overrated, he is very good and isn’t. Most of the heroes you have listen you probably haven’t worked on cause most are very good

Just curious, what kind of team do you pair Nick with in City Watch? :-).

For me Nick last through City Watch usually, but I reset fights in order to have my best characters like Nick always survive.

As Nick isn’t terrible, he definitely require solid refresh.
He is just a living battery to support allies with extra SP and shield from Judy disk. Far away from his main role.

Himself, big meh. Slow, veeeery slow and damage isn’t the biggest as well.

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I think I have 1 speed upgrade on Nick which should at least help a bit :-).

But yeah, Nick’s damage role is best in City Watch as there he can stack 5 lemmings, in PvP he is more support-ish probably yeah.

You need red skills for Davy hades and nick to be effective.

I use hades for:

  1. His megara disk to buff damage over Time toons.
  2. Red skill to help absorb damage In CW. He’s at his best when at 0HP between CW fights.
  3. Arena/coli defense as noted above.
  4. Added scares.

I use davy for:

  1. Curse (Best when paired with a curse toon)
  2. Damage (kraken is a damage dealer for sure.

They are vary effective toons if you use them correctly. But they are not toons that work in every situation or team.

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Then his battery thing will be less effective.
And even so this isn’t how the problem should be solved.

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That might be true, but I mainly use Nick for Damage, so speed is more important to me in that sense.

Y it is such a shame. This char is fun, well made and the damage is good. The mechanic indeed just doesnt work. Why target the low invincible enemy and study that with his only real damage. It makes so much more sense to target weak spots of strong chars. So it is studied and taken down. At this moment there is no team that needs basil or becomes stronger cause of him. That is a shame in my opinion and doesnt do justice to one of the coollest chars out there.

No. As a character in DHBM, no.

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Mulan - Yeah, I know, but even at the start there was at least one reliable counter for her, and now there’s, what, a good half-dozen? She’s still very strong, but she’s now easy to contain and defeat.

Animal - For a month or two, he was arguably the strongest hero in the game, but with Shan Yu and (especially) Dash(Vi), his Gonzo disk is now a liability on defense. He’s still excellent on offense and in Invasion, of course, but I love seeing an opponent using him in Coliseum or Arena.

Beast - Still potent on offense against certain teams, but again, there’s now so many really effective counters against him that it’s hard to justify using him on defense.

Pooh - An absolute beast if he builds up steam – er, Hunny – but considering how many meta teams specialize in swift KOs, he rarely gets the chance to do so.

I suspect Cheshire Cat and Ian are both slightly overrated, but “slightly overrated” still means they’re among the strongest heroes in the game currently.


I agree. I really can’t understand why people complain about him…

Shan Yu is overrated. He’s easy to defeat and can be countered by Shang (Mu)

Personally I think that pleakley is a little overrated:
Yes I think he is good but I don’t think he’s as good as people claim he is, I know he does a lot with certain characters but I’m now sure he’s as good as he is claimed to be

Yes he has lost some popularity but when he was claimed to be the best I made him my most powerful at p4 and he weak so yeah

Now a hero i think are a bit underrated

Oogie: his scare does some really good damage, and his dice throwing skill (forgot its name lol) is really good. The heal is also pretty good and I am kinda surprised he doesn’t a lot of attention

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He’s still OP. Only way to counter is Hardy.

I also like him. I’e been using him since I got him I think… He’s pretty good but I only have him in Coli Defense I think…

For Nick in CW- since I am only playing to gain Mastery I use him to give the SP to whomever is being “worked” on and to carry-over through the end waves when he is fully rolling… it just never gets there for me, shrug, I love the char… its not like the Kardashians where I think people are nuts for liking him, its more like In-N-out/ShakeShack- its Fine but I think people overrate the quality for the price.

Davy- ahhhh you are all correct I do not have a “curse” team to make him useful. But aren’t “curse” teams overrated?

Hades- I have him on my under-construction tank team for his friendship disk and possible future synergy for his other disk for a Sally offshoot but that is slow development. I simply am not competitive in Coli Challenger so he never get space- I will try it out this week though!
I love the CW riding low health between waves! Thanks! Maybe I should try him n Davy together for the free berserk?!? Does Hades absorb damage done to DMC?

Thanks for the tips!

As for Nick I can say that I use Sulley, Nick, Wall-E and Tron in City Watch usually, the last one depending on what I need to counter the other team.
It is a balanced team that focus on survivability, Sulley with his Woody disk healing everyone at the end of the battles and that way always starting battles with full HP, and Wall-E with his Kevin Flynn disk letting all the characters have another energy bar and that way more easily have backup energy between battles :-).

Nick overall needs some support to function the best, like having some form of healing in the team or fast damage.
Sulley let Nick’s damage crit and Wall-E more easily letting Nick do 10-15 lemmings quickly if needed.

Hope these ideas can help you :-).

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