Lightning McQueen's Unlikely Hero Concept (N.14)

Hi everyone! Today I present you Lightning McQueen’s Hero Concept!


Team: Red
Stars: :star2::star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Mid-Line


Description: This car is really competitive! With his rumbles and with his damage, he’s ready to invest your team, because the track is only his track
Quote: “I decide when I’m done.”


Entrance: Ligthning enters the battle safely.
Victory: Lightning smiles.
Defeat: Lightning loses all of his wheels, remaining on the ground.


Basic Attack: Lightning hits the closest enemy, dealing him X damage.

White Skill, The King’s Track: Normal/Fantastic Damage
Lightning darts across the track, dealing X damage to all enemies. Additionally, Lightning deals X percent of his basic damage as fantastic damage per second to all enemies for X seconds, up to a maximum of X total damage, and stuns them for X seconds.

Green Skill, Ready, Steady, Go: Fantastic Damage
Lightning rumbles three times: the first two times he heals himself for X HP per debuff, and the third time he applies a X HP shield and deals X damage to all enemies.

Blue Skill, Heal or… Fracture: Normal Damage
Lightning must decide which of these two actions is best to use to momentarily improve his basic attack:

  1. Each basic attack heals Lightning by X HP until the other option is chosen;
  2. Each basic attack deals an additional X damage until the other option is chosen.
    When the battle is in AUTO, the game chooses the upgrade with the highest number first. After X times this skill is used, the game chooses the other option, and so on.

Purple Skill, Entry and Exit Effect:
At the beginning of each wave, Lightning enters the track immediately using the “The King’s Track” skill. When he is KO’d, once per wave, Lightning pretends to be defeated, but after X seconds he respawns with X HP using the skill “Heal or … Fracture”.

Red Skill, Confidential Guide: Normal Damage
While using “The King’s Track”, Lightning cannot be targeted.

Once per wave, when Lightning has less than X percent of his Max HP, he heals himself for X HP and takes X percent less damage from stunned and silenced enemies for X seconds. He also takes X percent less damage from charmed allies for X seconds.

Now “Ready, Steady, Go” applies a stack of “Drush” per rumble to Lightning. When Lightning uses “Heal or … Fracture” he heals himself for an additional X HP per stack of “Drush”. If you choose the other option, Lightning deals an additional X damage per stack of “Drush”.

  • X Max HP
  • X Armor
  • X Skill Power


It Recharges:

  • When the stun hits X enemies

If Recharged:

  • X Skill Power
  • X Basic Damage
  • Invisibility for X seconds


Shank: “An Useless Car… Or Maybe Not?”


Shank has a really bad problem with her car, so she asks Lightning McQueen himself how to fix the problem.


  • X Skill Power to Lightning and Allies
  • X Basic Damage
  • The enemies lose X Reality while they’re stunned
  • The enemies lose X Armor while they’re stunned


  • Every X seconds, Lightning silences a casual enemy for X seconds

Allies: Ralph, Vannelope, Sergeant Calhoun

Duke Caboom: “A Car and A Motorbike”


Lightning gets restricted by a strange laser and meets Duke Caboom, who wants to do some stunts with him.


  • X Armor to Allies
  • X Reality to Allies
  • The enemies lose X Skill Power while they’re silenced
  • The enemies lose X Basic Damage while they’re silenced


  • Now the third time Lightning rumbles with “Ready, Steady, Go”, he also stuns all the enemies for X seconds.

Allies: Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, Ducky & Bunny

I hope you liked this Unlikely Hero Concept!

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This Unlikely Hero Concept is now in my Hero Concepts’ List!

Cars is NOT coming to DHBM because the issues

Oops! I meant to say Unlikely! Anyways, thanks for the feedback!

They can easily to scale the size ok???

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Please, don’t revive dead topics.

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Sorry I review dead topics :frowning:

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Cars characters are not coming
End of.

Excuse me but that’s kinda mean yeah we get it but yeah that’s kinda still mean

Strom.95 has been constantly asking for Cars characters for literal months. It’s extremely grating and annoying to be hearing the same question over and over when we have all answered his question multiple times.

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It’s true though
All Storm does is constantly spam about cars characters despite being told no
I have no idea how you think that’s “rude”

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