Lilo | Character Concept


3-Star Midline Support

“I’m sorry I bit you… and pulled your hair… and punched you in the face…”

Basic Attack: Lilo throws the spoon effigies of her “friends”
Victory: She does the same dance as Stitch
Defeat: She falls on her back, and stares at the sky

White: Voodoo-it-yourself

Lilo puts a band-aid on Scrump, True Healing a chosen ally for X hp over 4 seconds. If the fight is on auto, Lilo will target the ally with the least HP.

True Healing ignores Max HP and receives a lower penalty from Curse.

Green: Happy Hanukkah

Lilo throws Scrump, causing an explosion that deals X damage and knocks back all nearby enemies.

Blue: Sandwich Day

Lilo tosses a peanut butter sandwich to an ally, giving them X bonus damage with each attack for 8 seconds.

Purple: Ohana

Voodoo-it-yourself True Heals all other allies for half the amount.

This effect is reduced on allies above level X.



“No one gets left behind”
Damage allies gain X bonus damage on each attack
Allies’ healing has a 5*S% chance of being converted into True Healing


“Friends from the Other Side”
Lilo’s allies gain X Skill Power every 3 seconds while healed above their Max HP
Lilo receives 10*S% more energy from all sources

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2 questions and 1 poll. What question does the poll answer?

Also, nice to see another concept of yours

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VERY GOOD! Well organized and thought out!

No, I think you did fine! :+1:

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I like it! It fits her personality well! I do hope Lilo and other Lilo & Stitch characters come to the game!

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Poll edited. You might have to vote again.

Glad to hear it! I’ve nearly exhausted the mainstream Disney library, as well as my own brain, so they’re few and far between.

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Oh… what’s the hidden story here?


What about trivia?


Voodoo. Probably voodoo

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Lilo seems to be a novice practitioner of voodoo, given the scene where she tries to use it to punish her friends. Her eccentric personality would go well with Facilier as well.

I took it out, other people started using it and it didn’t feel original anymore. Besides, we don’t need a trivia section when we have @TherMasterStitch! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But, I’ll keep it in for any unlikely concepts I make in the future.

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You mostly make trivia for your unlikely characters?

Nice concept!
Really liked it!

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This is a pretty cool concept. :+1:

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Good work! I like the aspect of true healing!! :grin:

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Nice concept I wish she was added

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THIS IS GREAT !! :hear_no_evil:

I tip my hat off to you for your efforts

in this (my ocd is satisfied :sunglasses::heart_eyes:)


If there’s a way you’re able to

make the concept view , a tad

skimmer, to fit the page (mobile


It would be easier to read

But love your work :slight_smile: @PawpsicleSticks

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Good. I like it

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Would love to see lilo in the game I would quest for her to get her chips :smiley_cat:

I wish they added lilo and gantu

Don’t revive stuff please

Why did you revive?

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