List of disables and debuffs

Updated to new debuffs, and well, finally someone reduces skill power. :slight_smile:



  • Added new debuffs
  • Added 4th hero-source to each disable/debuff where it was possible
  • As all servers have red skills, removed mention that red skill is required to apply debuff

I don’t see Angel in this :grimacing:

You got it all wrong… Tia and Angel deserve to be in silence, while Minnie and Flynn (Ra) should be in Charm section

Genie (El)?

Felix? Pffft. Powerline is better.

And Facilier? He counts.

Basil is better than Baymax…


Where is Pleakley?

Mal can

I can’t agree here. Rapunzel only gives 1 stack to one ally.

Why is Sadness on there as decrease normal crit? That’s considered a spoiler. If you want to add Sadness use her Sorrow icon as PB leaked it

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