List of Potential Rivalries

Here is a list of rivalries that i think is pretty great and i want your opinion on them or you can make one of your own.

Friendly Rivalries:

Peter Pan/Jack Sparrow
Merlin/Hiro Hamada
Robin Hood/Aladdin
Jack Skellington/Sulley and Boo
Donald Duck/Moana
Darkwing Duck/Gizmoduck
Baloo/Timon and Pumbaa
Basil of Baker Street/Judy Hopps
Cheshire Cat/Nick Wilde

Arch Nemesis:

Jack Skellington/Oogie Boogie
Aladdin/Jafar (thank you @Rothan_Edentide)
Merlin/Madam Mim
Madam Mim/Maui
Scrooge McDuck/Magica De Spell
Sulley and Boo/Randall Boggs
Mickey Mouse/Maleficent
The Beast/Gaston
Captain Hook/Moana
Merida/The Queen of Hearts
Mulan/Shan Yu
Jack Sparrow/Davy Jones
Davy Jones/Peter Pan
Oogie Boogie/Alice
Miss Piggy/The Evil Queen
Randall Boggs/Jack Skellington
Maui/Davy Jones


Maleficent/The Evil Queen
Madam Mim/Maleficent
Hades/Davy Jones
The Queen of Hearts/Oogie Boogie

If you have no idea what the heck i am talking about. Follow the link below

New Mode idea: Rivalry

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this is great! hope that you continue to update this list as new characters come

How about Donald Duck/Moana

Donald Duck/Moana Added

Well, to be honest, Maleficent and Jafar were actually allies in Kingdom Hearts.

You could say the same about Ursula, Oogie, Hook, and Hades. However in KH Maleficent was cooperating with them until they outlived their usefulness to her. I think the Jafar/Maleficent one works best with all that in mind as Maleficent definitely tried to stop him going off the deep end to no avail.

Gaston did have a friendship with The Beast

No he dosen’t.

Update: The Cheshire Cat with… well, anybody.


Update: Maui/Davy Jones


Baloo/Timon and Pumbaa
Hades/Davy Jones
Davy Jones/ Peter Pan
Jack Sparrow/Davy Jones
Alice/Oogie Boogie
The Queen of Hearts/Oogie Boogie
Cheshire Cat/Nick Wilde
Basil of Baker Street/Judy Hopps

Davy You mean, not Davey.

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