New Mode idea: Rivalry

This mode is similar to friendship, but instead of being friend, they can be rivals. They are split into three categories:

Friendly rivals: Hero/Hero

Arch-nemesis: Hero/Villain

Arch-Rival- Villain/Villain

If two characters in the game were to be rivals. Who would they be and category would they fall under?


I have some for Donald

Friendly rivals: Donald/ Mickey

Arch nemesis Donald/ scrooge

What would be the point of rival campaigns?

And if this were to exist, every hero would need a rival.

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That is a good point

Yeah they would need to add a lot of heroes

I think the game got a substantial amount and son’t forget more are on the way.

That doesn’t answer my question


I think it would be more along the line of the choose your own ending. Player will decide who wins the episode. The character with the most episodes wins the rivalry.

I mean like what are the benefits?

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This can be rather interesting depending on the benefits. The biggest thing I could see is having this be a risk reward type deal. Like for instance let’s take a pairing like Aladdin and Jafar. Obvious Arch-Nemisis pairing. In battle you could have them gain bonuses for fighting each other. For example in this case you could have Aladdin be immune to Jafar’s charm in exchange for Jafar doing extra damage with his “Whirling Dervish” to Aladdin.

With a friendly rivalry lets keep using Aladdin and pair him with Flynn Rider. I know Flynn gets a disk from Aladdin but this is supposed to be different then friendship disks. Perhaps if they are on the same team they get a bonus to attack speed based on the energy they steal.

Lastly let’s go back to Jafar and his Arch-Rival in Scar. Again one gets a disk from the other but they could possibly get a bonus to damage based on how many status effects they afflict.

This adds another layer to the composition of teams and gives mechanical risk and reward for having teams that are on opposite sides of good and evil. Perhaps this idea is too far out there or too powerful but this is how I would work it.


Too late, we can’t do this because we have situations like Captain Hook (hero) & Peter Pan (villain) are considered friends. If they made rivalries, Peter Pan & Captain Hook would be in a weirder situation than they already are with other characters.

That’s where the creativity part comes in. I don’t expect Per Blue to change some friendships into rivalries. They can already make interesting combinations with character already in the game.

Stop, you can’t fix it & I can’t either.

Hey now, that’s a little uncalled for.

Pan is hero…Hook is villain…If i am r8?

Somebody had to call the shots & it wasn’t going to be anybody but me.

Yes but Disney wants you to think otherwise.

They aren’t trying to fix anything. This is simply an idea. You can choose to not agree with the idea but don’t shut down another’s creativity. This area of the forum is to be creative and have ideas discussed and fleshed out. You aren’t adding to the discussion with your posts, you are simply trying to shut it down.


Nice job

But woudn’t you think Scrooge would work better with Magica rather than Donald?

Or maybe hdl

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