Little Britches (Mowgli Character Concept)


Source: The Jungle Book (1967)

Role: Damage

Position: Middle

“I’m alot tougher than some people think.”

With the help of his animal friends, Mowgli gives enemies a taste of the wild side.

Entrance: Walks into position and picks up a prickly pear

Victory: Mowgli laughs at the enemy

Defeat: Crosses arms and scowls at the players.

Basic Attack: Throws a prickly pear

White Skill: Panther Pounce: Bagheera arrives and pounces on an enemy of the player’s choice and fights along side Mowgli and his allies.

Green Skill: Colonel Hathi’s March: Colonel Hathi and the Dawn Patrol march onto the battlefield and tramples enemy’s dealing X damage.

Blue Skill: That’s What Friends Are For: The vultures swoop at enemies dealing X damage.

Purple Skill: Panther Power: Bagheera receives X HP increase

Red Skill: Yeah Man!: That’s What Friends Are For saps enemies of X energy


Timon and Pumbaa

Campaign: No Worries: Mowgli, Timon, and Pumbaa look for a place to take their day off, but are invaded by creeps every step of the way

Disk: A Problem-Free Philosophy: Basic attack heals Mowgli

Wendy Darling


Campaign: Welcome to the Jungle: Mowgli shows Wendy the wonders of the jungle, unaware of the danger that lurks.

Disk: My Own Home: Gets a shield at the beginning of each wave.

Wendy is not in the game

I know that, but i figure that Mowgli should have a Tarzan/Jane relationship (not in a romantic sense of course) and Wendy is the best i can think of. Besides, I always thought that Wendy and Mowgli would be good friends.

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