Wendy Darling Charcter Concept

Wendy Darling

Type: support

Position: back

Trial Team: Red

Star: :star:

“Oh Peter, it’s just as i always dreamed it would be”

Wendy Moria Angela Darling uses motherly love (and a pouch of pixie dust) to help her allies

Entrance: flys into position

Victory: cheers for the rest of the team

Defeat: hang her head in shame

White Skill: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust: Wendy flies over the enemies throws pixie dust at the enemy, suspending them in midair

Green Skill: You Can Fly: Wendy circles her allies spreading pixie dust, speeding up attacks

Blue Skill: Your Mother and Mine: Her motherly intentions charms her enemies

Purple Skill: Wendybird: Faith Trust and Pixie Dust effects multiple targets

Red Skill: A Smile In Your Heart: You Can Fly increase possibility for dodging attacks


Winnie the Pooh


Campaign: Hide and Go Creeping: Wendy helps Pooh finds his friends.

Disk: Childhood Days: Your Mother and Mine give a shield to a ally.

Peter Pan


Campaign: City of Heroes: Wendy shows Peter that they needs all the help they can get by showing him other heroes in the city.

Disk: Forever Young: You Can Fly gives invulnerability to allies

What is her victory animation?

There’s a c between just & as.

And how does Wendy “spreads” the pixie dust, and her friendship disc should also be with Peter Pan. But it is a ok concept, good job!

I thought it would be better (and a bit ironic) if wendy would team up with a character from the pirates of the Caribbean

How is Hercules involved with this, maybe as an ally?

Sorry i changed up a little anyway

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