Little Mushroom Guy (Toad Unlikely Concept)


Just known as a townsfolk of the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad is ready to jump up and get onto the battlefield!

“Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!”

Alternate Costume: Captain Toad

Team Trials: Red

Position: Midline

Role: Damage

Basic Attack: Toad kicks an enemy.


Entrance: Toad runs into position.

Defeat: Toad falls over.

Victory: Toad jumps up and down, pumping his fists.


White Skill: Turnip Toss

The leaves of a turnip sprout up in from on Toad, and he plucks it from the ground. The Turnip can be three different kinds:

Turnip: Toad tosses the Turnip at the nearest enemy, and then it ricochets onto the next nearest enemy, dealing X damage and stunning for 10 seconds.

Giant Turnip: Toad tosses the Giant Turnip at the three nearest enemies, dealing X damage and throwing them all the way to the Backline.

Bob-Omb: Toad tosses the Bob-Omb at the two farthest enemies, dealing X damage, and burning the enemies, dealing DoT for 8 seconds.

Green Skill: Spore Sprout

Toad sprouts spores and they appear in the middle of the battlefield. If any enemy gets near one of the spores, they emit a toxic fume, dealing X damage and stunning the enemy for 8 seconds.

Blue Skill: Toad Trouble

Toad will look at the entrance (where he entered the field from) and wave, and a group of Toads will rush across the stage, dealing X damage and scaring three of the random enemies for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill: Toadstool Tumblin’

Any enemies scared by ”Toad Trouble” will get a 65% attack slowness debuff for 6 seconds.

Red Skill: Jump Up, Superstar!

When Toad uses ”Spore Sprout”, the cooldown time for *”Turnip Toss” is reduced by 2 seconds. The initial damage for “Spore Sprout” is increased.

  • X+ Basic Damage
  • X+ Reality
  • X+ Skill Power


Toad / Luigi

Hunt for the Star!

Campaign: Toad and Luigi go on a hunt to find the mystical Rainbow Star!

Disk: Rainbow Star Shard

Disk Effect: *Toad will have a 20% Speed Boost every time he uses “Toad Trouble”.
Every Star = 25% more Speed

Allies: Pleakley, Vinny, Wasabi

Toad / Fear


Campaign: Toad finds Fear and they both panic over many things!

Disk: Cheep-Cheep

Disk Effect: After using ”Spore Sprout”, Toad will gain a shield that lasts 10 seconds.
Every Star = 1 extra second

Allies: Go-Go, Buzz Lightyear, Lilo

Notes from The Creator:

  • As I wonder, “what am I doing? Toad is a side character in this franchise! What can I do with a side character?!,” I Google “Toad from Super Mario” into my Searchbar, and, I can’t even explain how I found this stuff for his skillset.

  • Luigi, is pretty obvious for a friendship.

  • Toad is shown as a “Fraidy-Cat” in the main-line series, so Fear was a decent choice. The term “Cheep-Cheep” is basically the Mario Bros. series’ way of using the term, “Fraidy-Cat.”

  • Captain Toad as a costume was kind of smart. Same colored dots on the head, it’s kinda perfect. For the few of you who don’t know, Captain Toad is a game on Wii-U that got ported to Switch (check it out, it’s pretty fun!) and is a puzzle game. No jumping. Just confusing pathways, hills, and enemies. It’s kind of tedious.


Here’s a little fun website called Play Nintendo that has some cool game-themed activities, and a page all about our buddy Toad! Check it out, I think it’s pretty cool!

Welp, that’s basically it… Besides a new character poll!

Next Character!!
  • Rick Sanchez
  • Princess Peach
  • Toon Link

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Alright, now, I’m finished here… I would like to say something…




How long does the Scare last?

Attack or movement speed debuff?

I won’t lie: I think this Red Skill could do with 1 more effect.

I LOVE THIS. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Amazing concept!


Thank you! I’ll get to work on fixing up some stuff.


Princess Peach wins!

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