Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom (Princess Peach Unlikely Concept)

Princess Peach


The princess, armed with her parasol named Perry, are ready to take down some Creeps!

Thank you, Mario!

Team Trials: Red

Position: Midline

Role: Support

Basic Attack: Peach whacks an enemy with Perry.


Entrance: Peach glides in from above using Perry.

Defeat: Peach gets down on her knees and cries.

Victory: Peach twirls around in a circle, and happily smiles.


White Skill: Peach Power

Peach will do a dance, and 3 peaches will rain down from the sky. One will fall onto Peach, healing her X HP. The two others will land on two different allies, healing them X HP, and granting them and Peach a 60% Attack and Movement Speed Boost for 11 seconds.


Green Skill: Group Hug

Peach faces towards 2 of her allies and gives them an air hug, healing them X HP.


Blue Skill: Peach Bomber

Peach will turn around and shoot out at the 2 nearest enemies, dealing X damage and stunning the enemies for 9 seconds,


Purple Skill: Ripened Peaches

After using “Peach Power,” Peach is immune to debuffs for 10 seconds.

Red Skill: Mushroom Kingdom Madness

Peach’s Armor and Reality are boosted when her Energy is over 25%. For every time Peach uses ”Group Hug,” she will gain 2 stacks of Hardy.

  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Armor
  • +X Basic Damage


Princess Peach / Toad

Mushroom Kingdom’s Madness!

Campaign: Peach wakes up from a slumber, but gets woken by a rumble. Toad comes and tells Peach that Bowser is back!

Disk: Toad’s Hat
Disk Power: After using “Group Hug,” Peach now gains 4 stacks of Hardy.*
Each Star = 1 more stack

  • X+ Reality
  • X+ Armor

Allies: Pleakley, Jumba, Basil of Baker Street

Peach / Joy

Campaign: Joy tries to show Peach how to have a great day even though everything is gloomy.

Disk: Heart Sticker
Disk Power: ”Peach Bomber” now stuns for 11 seconds.*
Each Star = 1 more second of stun.

  • X+ Skill Power*

Allies: Mickey, Sadness, Donald Duck

Next Concept Is…

Mecha Morty!

Wanted to do him for a while…

And next up, after Mecha Morty…

Bill Cipher!

Seems a bit cliche… but I’ll do it.

Well, that’s all. Cya’ll later!


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