Live Chat: 3/19

Hello and welcome to the live chat for this Hero Q&A session! Let’s get going!

  1. What is Kim Possible’s Status?
  2. How many characters have been delayed due to the coronavirus?

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What is Kermits status?

Are you guys adding anymore muppets to the game???

This is not about future heroes, but current heroes and our hero development process.


Yeah Kermit

How is the power balance determined when making new heroes? b/c when new heroes arrive to the game now they are pretty OP compared to the other heroes.

Okay then…

Why do you guys make heroes OP?


First question : Why don’t we have 3* heroes??? Last of them were Scar and Maleficent. It was 1,5 years ago. Will we get 3* heroes in future?

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Which of the three muppets in the game was your guys favorite overall

I know we have a lot of buffs and debuffs in the game, with the most recent being “Hunny” for Pooh and “Bouncy” for Tigger.

During the hero development process, are special statuses such as those a common thing that comes up during said process?

@Polaris Please let PB know that I would like to have two old heroes a month get their red skill. Thanks.:grin:

Why do all heroes have quotes in the roster?

So my question: “which upcoming character is the one you enjoyed working on the most?” wouldn’t pertain to this particular Q&A?

How do you determine some heroes attacks / moves when they do not show any type of fighting skills in their particular movies/shows? (Ex: Pooh, Jasmine, Mad Hatter, Eeyore, etc.)

Is making a hero sometime difficult?

If you get stuck on making a concept on a hero, what are you guys most likely gonna do?

Okay, Pol said we must ask about current heroes

Hi PB Team! Here’s hoping you can answer some of my questions :slight_smile:

  1. Are there any plans to release a hero who can effectively lower/cancel tenacity? It would be a useful counter to Mr. Incredible in campaigns (Hint hint, Anna would be great for this & would have great synergy with Elsa & Olaf😁)
  2. We know that characters like Anna, Belle, and Kim Possible have proven difficult to balance & make skills for. Are they all still in the works or have any of them been dropped all together?
  3. Of the characters that have been released, have any turned out to have completely different skill sets now than what they had in early stages of development? (Eg. What started out as a support skill set became a damage hero?)
  4. Any side characters on the way(eg. Yax, Powerline)? Even if you can’t say names, are any in the works? Gazelle & Oaken are at the top of my list.
  5. Is there anything in the works for us to spar our own characters? Without this feature I have a hard time finding use for new heroes.

Thanks for the live chat! :slight_smile:

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