Live Chat: 7/3

Hello and welcome to the live chat for this Q&A session! Let’s get going!
Today’s team includes:

  • Commander Jack, Game Designer
  • DoubleBeans, Hero Designer
  • Leaf, Senior Producer
  • Polaris, Senior Community Manager

Hi there, I’m bringing some ongoing questions from the DH:BM subreddit regarding mechanics:

  1. It has been my understanding that all disables are also considered debuffs, per the in-game support information. Therefore, both disables and debuffs should also be blocked by stacks of hardy, or Donald’s purple skill. Can you confirm if that is true? If it is not true, can you provide clarification as to which status effects are not blocked by hardy?
  2. Also, can you clarify the sequence of when hardy skills are applied? To provide an example (note that in this example I am making the assumption that disables count as debuffs):

Baymax’s green skill applies a shield to all team members at start of combat. Baymax’s red skill give that starting shield a stack of hardy as well. Mulan’s green skill allows her to attack the furthest opponent at start of combat and stun them. So, if I have Baymax on my team, and Mulan is on the opposing team, which action applies first, the shield/hardy stack or the stun? Are there other factors, such as movement speed, which would affect what gets applied first?

  1. The “flinch” mechanic has been noted on the forums before, but has never been included with the in-game support information. It’s only just been acknowledged with the new “tips” on the loading screen. Is “flinching” considered a disable? If so, is it affected by hardy?
  2. How do skill power boosts affect other teammate’s skills that are SP-based? As one example, Nick’s red skill shares 35% of his SP with his teammates. Launchpad’s purple skill provides a HP boost to all teammates, based on his skill power. So does Nick’s 35% translate to more HP boost from Launchpad for the entire wave? Since Nick gains SP from his lemmings, and any ally left standing, on the next wave, does the SP boost to teammates change? Does it only update for Nick on each new wave, or does it grow dynamically as he gains lemmings? Similarly, does the 35% shared SP update the same way? Or to use another hero as an example, for Kristoff & Sven, the SP boost is only while Sven is out. Does the team get Launchpad’s HP boost boosted further while Sven is out, and then it drops when he goes away?

We would greatly appreciate answers to these mechanical questions. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

First live chat, here we go

  1. Any updates about Kim
  2. Character hints
  3. Kermit, where is kermit
  4. Any phineas and ferb characters
  5. Any hero delays because of covid
  6. Will anything be done about forum spammers
  7. Why are there so many weird frames
  8. How do you guys pick what characters you want to do, and how hard is it to come up with a skill set
  9. What was your favorite character to design
  10. How can you have gravity falls badges but not be able to have characters

Ok first question:
Would you ever consider doing Characters from Disney Pixar Cars?

Have you ever thought of adding facts for all of the characters?

How do we choose franchises to be in the game? (Gravity Falls)

We choose franchises based on three different factors; how popular is the franchise generally, what franchises have a new movie coming out in the future, and what do WE want to create? Our list is a mix of these factors.


How does the animation process work?

We get coloured concepts of each hero approved by Disney, which we then cut up into individual pieces (arms, legs, etc) and then rigged and animated in Spine

So could phineas and ferb come on account of the new movie next month?


Alright, I’ll go.

  1. What makes a hero “recognizable” enough to be added in DHBM?
  2. Are there challenges in making the road map?
  3. Are there challenges behind the development of Kim Possible?
  4. The current guild gifts are bad. Will you be able to change them soon?
  5. Will there be new modes or changes to current ones in the future?

In future Will You add jake Long and Brandy And Mr whiskers (as a duo)?

I wonder will there ever be another friend level requirement decrease like in the 1.4 update as there 8 characters got their friendship unlock lowered, which I think would be good to do again considering that new players like have to spend over a year to get the newest disks that comes out these days.

I think it would be good to have a system that after 2 months or at least 3 months as in a season, the level requirement for their friendship decreases, since by 2-3 months they are kind of old compared to the newest characters. Ideally the max friendship level for older characters would be 120-130 as that’s when Red skills become available, so like a range between 60/80-120/130 depending on how good the disk is.

While getting to level 60 takes a while, but it doesn’t take that many months for a new player to get to level 60. It is also just fun to be able to access the friendship story content earlier between characters you like.

Quick question versions:
.1. Is it likely that there will new friendship unlock level reductions like in the 1.4 update?
.2. Would it be possible for that friendship unlock levels for 2-3 month old characters and older to have their levels adjusted to be easier for newer players to reach?

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I just realized I can batch answering these questions so I’m going to do that! :slight_smile:

How do we choose which heroes are added to the game?

First we choose franchise, and then we usually choose main characters and villains to add first. If we revisit a franchise later down the road, we are more flexible with adding the characters that our team wants to see in the game.

Will there be more princesses?

Yes! Not soon, but there are in our plans for 2021

How has quarantine changed our work

We had a little bit of a transition period when we all started remote work in mid-March, but overall not much has changed. We’re more careful to over-communicate than we were before, and it’s a little sad we can’t walk up to each other’s desks anymore to talk in-person, but generally we’re very lucky to have been largely uninterrupted with quarantine.


Few questions i would like to ask

  1. Can there be a option to that we can notify the members Who Are Inactive In Chat to update their war lineups,attack in surge,war,etc.

2.Can the invasion rewards be changed?They are really Horrible .Stamina,xp drinks amount in the tier rewards is meh.

3.Can the stamina cost per node in campaign be reduced?It is really becoming harder and harder in these fast level cap raises

  1. Can their be an option like to gift stamina or gold Or any other item to any of your friends (particularly in any amount you want )
  2. Invasion is quite boring…Can there be A invasion refresh which may change design of invasion ll be quite interesting?

In the last Q&A you said, that you will rework the Gold and guild crates.
Nothing happened yet.
So, what’s your plan with this Crates?

  1. Is there a Chance for Yesss to be included?
  2. Can you make costs Skills and Badges cost less Gold?

Do you plan to have more emojis in the game like a :cookie: one :3 ?

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My questions:

  1. Do you plan to refresh the whole Invasion sometime? Mod Power doesn’t let even one character to have maxed mods without serious cash injection, not to mention the other characters used. Upgrade pieces in invasion are given at 90 of one type, while one needs 225 to max a mod.

  2. If Simba and Nala mention Mufasa is alive, did you think of an idea for The Lion King himself?

  3. Collections - Will you add more Collections to the game? We recently got Princesses. I am personally eagerly waiting for PotC one.

  4. Speaking of collections… Could you add back the ability to unlock the emojis via friend campaigns? Old players have a serious advantage and makes a huge gap that is impossible to cover with Cosmetic Crates.


Would it speed things up in the Disney approval process if you just work on a new character complete with 1 or 2 alternative costumes then from the get go, rather than completely giving up on them? They are popular and a big draw for collections

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Hello :wave:

1. Where is Kim Possible, and when she will get released?
2. Any plans for Nick’s refresh? - Increased base attack speed, improved charm, the quicker appearance of summoned lemmings, and better energy gain for PvP, disks could give starting energy and conservation.
3. When Vanellope will get from badges reality negation?! - She needs to have ASAP in her badge set “Mayhem Tour '79” badge. And also, refresh for her?
4. When epic CW will give more red skill chips, what we’re getting for now is way too small, it should be doubled… tripled. So many red skills and new characters.
5. When invasion will give more mod power - it should be increased by 5/10x
6. Could all chapters cost 6 stamina per node, and if you all wish only 10 for newest available? All badges cost too much
7. When campaign gold rewards will increase?
8. It’s possible to make contest in mid-week like on Wednesday which lasts for 24 hours?
9. When diamond crates will give orange and red full badges? And 1* hero duplicate more chips, for example 12 instead of 7.
10. Could all in-game deals be improved? I think regular $5 stamina deal should give twice more than now, so able to max a hero, not only make character to R2/3. And of course scale with each cap rise.
11. Red skills for Finnick, DW, Meg, Timon…?
12. Why we got Jungle Book instead of TaleSpin?
13. Don Karnage could be released as a playable character?
14. More TV characters, but this time 21st century… Kim, Phineas and Ferb, Perry, Della, Jake Long…
15. And we have old DuckTales version of characters, but Della would be possible?
16. Contest for a fanbase red skill for an old hero?
17. When invasion battles will have all-new backgrounds from the campaign?
18. As said, Fox (and Blue Sky) isn’t something impossible, is there any plans/chance for Simpsons or Ice Age to come in 2021?
19. Could be possible to decrease difficulty in friendship campaigns? It’s way too hard.
20. Is Narnia possible to be added?


Hello! Thanks for doing this!

  1. Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorite heroes but doesn’t appear to be working as intended:
    1A. Is it intentional that his Hunny is not a “debuff” and thus isn’t prevented by Hardy or purged by Hank and Dory’s purple or Mushu’s White?
    1B. Is it also intentional that enemies remain Slowed by the Hunny even once Pooh is KOd?

I ask because it currently appears that nothing stops or removes Hunny and it keeps everyone slow even once Pooh is knocked out, which can make fighting him feel hopeless if he stacks even a little Hunny, and limits his counters to heroes that can immediately control him plus teammates who can swiftly kill him.

Now for some softball! :smiley:

  1. What has been your favorite Friendship campaign to write?

  2. Has Disney+'s expanded content library lead to you guys considering characters you wouldn’t have previously (either because you saw them again or because they are resurgently popular)?

  3. How do you determine who to prioritize for releasing new red skills?

  4. Related to above - will Jafar get one soon? :wink:

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