Live Dev Q&A - March 2022

Welcome to the Live Dev Q&A! We will be answering questions for an hour.

Our list of Devs today:
@Polaris - Product Owner
@Coach - Art
@A_Rogue_Charming - QA
@Squonch - QA
@PBLudwig - Design


What kind of questions are they able to answer us?

The normal kind?? Nothing about future heroes.

I hope this question is fine then :-).

If there were a character in the game you personally could choose a refresh for? :-).
Like your favorite character whether in game or pure character wise.

What was the biggest challenge you were facing since September?

Is there any hero you would say is undervalued/overvalued from the ones we got in September-March?

Will we have new modes come to the game

Personally I would love to refresh the Genie! He is probably my favorite Disney character of all time and has so many possibilities with being a genie and all.


i don’t have anyone that i’d want to refresh but Mulan and Kronk have scarred me so much I’d rather not have to test them again :sweat_smile:

Speaking of that, which hero you had fun testing? :sweat_smile:

I think it would be cool to refresh Hiro Hamada and put him in his armor suit like the other Big Hero 6 characters!


@Polaris ! O’ long-lost friend. We hope you’re well :hugs:

The game has become rather difficult to keep up with over the past few ranks & economy changes, and for long-time players a lot of the game modes have become pretty stale. As Product Owner pls help us out :pleading_face:

@Coach if you’re new to the team, welcome, you had better have big feet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: the art and visual appeal of DH is second to none among this kind of game.

@PBLudwig we’ve been a little disappointed in the relative lack of older / underpowered heroes getting refreshes, compared to new heroes being released. It would be great to see more frequent refreshes - however we understand that, especially with a lot of new team members, it can be hard to know who to choose and what to actually change aside from just simple stat buffs.

Perhaps the ‘refresh polls’ could make a return - and even once a hero is decided upon, a thread could be opened for players to give ideas on how to improve the hero in question. After all, we’re the ones using them on a daily basis and might have fun ideas about possible synergies that could be created and ways to make them more effective. Just a thought!

I realise these aren’t exactly questions but hey ho :man_shrugging: :v:


oooo. Ian was pretty fun :rofl: Shrinking everyone else was hilarious!


I guess we’d appreciate more if it was a costume tbh.


Still waiting for a character to do the opposite lmao.




I’ve actually been the Lead Artist for two years now! And I was at the last Q&A, just a little shy. So glad you like the artwork! Nice to meet you!


The biggest challenge for me since September has been rebuilding and training our new Design team. We have awesome new people who are really excited to be working on the game! :slightly_smiling_face:

As for a hero people might be sleeping on recently… :thinking: I think that would definitely be Chip and Dale!

I am more curious to know why some of the disk bonuses for new heroes (and Red Skill bonuses too) are rather disappointing and insignificant.

Since like… Lilo?

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If you guys had the chance to pick one non-disney franchise to put into the DHBM, what would you take?

Thanks for the answers PBLudwig, A_Rogue_Charming and Coach ^^.

So yeah, cool to know and hopefully Genie and Hiro get a chance to be refreshed in the future :-).
They are both old characters in need of a refresh, so that works out well.

And yeah, best of luck in terms of testing new and refreshed characters A_Rogue_Charming :-).

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