Live Q&A: September 2021

Let’s get this live Q&A going!

Here is who will be chatting today:
Polaris - Product Owner
Loutre - Community Manager
Bluecove - Hero Design
Coach - Art
PBLudwig - Design


This ran a bit longer than I hoped, but hopefully these will be possible to answer during the session:

  1. My standard question for these sessions: are there any heroes you think are currently being overlooked or dismissed by players who actually would be really useful right now?

  2. Is there an obscure Disney/Pixar/Touchstone character that you know would never be added to the game, but you still wish you could add anyway? Why would you like to add them?

  3. When the Friendship system was overhauled, we had 120 heroes, and were told that as more heroes were added we might also see the number of missions allowed increase. Is this being discussed, now that we’re over 150 heroes? If an increase is forthcoming, could we see another power-up or memory mission added, or will it all be disk power?

  4. There have been sporadic threads about the problems with MMR matchmaking, given how power tends to concentrate among the very top guilds. Most of the time, players have tossed out various ideas for resolving the problem. Have y’all been keeping up with those threads? Would you be willing to entertain suggestions from us on this issue?

  5. Speaking of suggestions, you mentioned in the Q&A post that new Guild Levels and Perks were a “possibility”. If we suggested some minor perks (new and upgrades) that should be fairly easy to implement with minimal change to the economy, could they be considered as sort of a stop-gap addition until you have time for a more thorough review of perks?

  6. Favorite skill/entrance/victory/defeat/etc. animation? (The first time I saw Magica De Spell enter a battle, I literally laughed out loud. And by “literally”, I mean literally, not figuratively.)

Thanks for your time!

Edit: Boy, it’s quieter than I expected; hope I didn’t scare everyone off…

Hello there. “Math guy” here. I have these 5 (+1) questions in this Live Q&A:

  • If you could redesign an existing character, who would it be and why?

  • If you could add another live-action character in the game, who would it be?

  • What would be the show you want the most referenced in badges that is not in them or in the game?

  • Which mode is the most fun to you while playing DHBM? :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Do you think Badge Bazaar could have the Purple badges costing less tokens? (especially the Purple-rank Purple badges have the cost set too high compared to, say, Lucky Cricket one)

More of a curious question…

  • What happened to Leaf (if you can tell)?

Thank you :pray:

Also, eagerly waiting for a Server 5 - something merge. (Ideally with 1, which would harm the least).

Definitely Carl’s entrance!!



I have a Tangled question for you. Based on friendship dialogues, it seems that in terms of the timeline, the characters are from some time after the movie when Rapunzel has her hair back, so it coincides with the timeline of Tangled: The Series.

Just wanted to confirm that Tangled: The Series characters are possible to be added? I would love to see Varian & Cassandra in the game (as well as Mother Gothel)!


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Hello everyone!

Are there any plans to add Disney junior’s characters such as Sofia the first and Elena of Avalor?

Also, considering there is Barbossa involved in friendships again, I wonder if there is some Pirate Event soon.

On the side note, I have watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and now watching On Stranger Tides (more-so listening, but I do recall the scenes in their entirety already so) :grinning:

Also, I like the obvious touch of “destiny” of whoever designed Ariel-Barbossa friendship @Loutre. Kudos.

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Kermit’s flailing will always be my favorite


Luckily most of my questions were answered, thanks.

Leaving it just to few.

  1. Is Hannah Montana possible to be introduced as playable character? Leaf said it… is. But how about now?

  2. Fox characters are still possible to be added? Such as The Simpsons or Ice Age.

  3. Zunar-J-5-9 Doric-4-7 would be possible to be added? We got Rocketeer afterall.
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  4. How badges are given to the heroes? Y6 was drastically random, giving stats which will never be used to them. Just look at Basil’s stats…

4.1. Why Vanellope keeps getting Normal Crit, and like never Reality Negation and Fantastic crit? Normal crit isn’t useful for her really.

  1. Any plans for more Kim Possible characters?

  2. Any plans for more (new) TV show characters, with latest addition of RR characters, maybe Fat Cat?

  3. Why we haven’t got so far Soul and Raya characters? Other games got them months ago. :thinking: any issues?

Why is it that you guys don’t answer about future heroes like Anna or Penny Forrester coming?

How is it like when creating new heroes?

How often do y’all like Pixar?

… Why would they? I don’t think that’s something they’d really want to publicly reveal ahead of time like that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Now that some time has passed since Pleakley’s and Quorra’s nerfs, would it be possible to revert some of those nerfs now that the power curve has gone beyond them?

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Despite previous claims, Gravity Falls is owned by Disney, and no licensing should be required.

What’s the real issue?

You do have a point there

Kermit’s victory makes me laugh every time!

I would love to see Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins in the game, personally speaking. Imagine the fun stuff she could pull out of her bag!

We definitely could use more Holes references. Yellow-spotted lizards, onions, peaches, shovels!!!


Our team does a fantastic job really reflecting the personality of the characters with their entrances, victories and defeats. I think Carl is one of my favorites.

Leaf left PerBlue to take an amazing job at another game company. We miss Leaf lots!


We are always open to feedback from our players! Yes, War matchmaking is a topic we’ve been discussing internally. As we continue to get more resources on the team we’re hoping to dedicate some time to investigate and address this.

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So do I. He (or she? :eyes: ) said that the PotC character liked the most is Elizabeth. Surely want her at some point in the game, along with Will. Or Beckett, Teague or Blackbeard. Salazar can RIP.

What, no Joshamee?

Why is it whenever I open cosmetics crates for hero costume chips none come out like for real?

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