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😁 Hello! Welcome to another Commander-Rex concept! Today's is for the God of Mischief and possibly best villain of Marvel, Loki! I hope you have such fun reading this concept and let's begin!


Loki Laufeyson, the Prince of Asgard, rightful King of Jotunheim and God of Mischief causes chaos in the battlefield with his illusions, Asgardian spells and his captivating trickery.

“I am Loki, of Asgard. And I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

Loki is a :star: Blue Frontline Control Hero


Entrance: Loki teleports in, smiling charismatically
Victory: Loki laughs and flips his knives
Defeat: Loki rolls his eyes and walks away

Basic Attack: Loki twirls and spins his knives at the nearest enemies, dealing X damage, and shoots energy blast spells at the furthest enemies, dealing X damage


White Skill: Deceptive Illusions
:sparkles: - Fantastic Damage

Passive: Loki’s ranged basic attacks prefer to target the lowest HP enemy. Both of his basic attacks deal +40% more damage to Cursed enemies. Cursed enemies also cannot critically hit Loki. If they attempt to deal a critical hit to him, they lose 50 energy.

Active: Loki uses a spell to leave the battlefield, tricking the enemies into thinking he’s been KO’d. He then summons three Loki illusions in his place. The three illusions have X Max HP and deal X damage with their basic attacks. When the three are KO’d, the real Loki reappears and fires a spell at all enemies, dealing X damage and Cursing them for 9 seconds. While Cursed, all enemies have Y less Skill Power.

He then summons in another illusion of himself with the same X Max HP as the other illusions he summons. He will continue to summon an illusion after one is KO’d until the real Loki is KO’d. The illusion summoned after the skill is channeled disappears when this skill triggers again.

Green Skill: Ten Steps Ahead

:fist: - Normal Damage

Loki slashes the closest enemy with his knife, dealing X damage and then side flips, dodging their next basic attack. He then counterattacks by striking them with his helmet, and then finishes by spinning his knife downward into them, dealing another X damage.

He then flips up his knives and puts his hand on the enemy’s head, using a mental spell to Stun them for 9 seconds and removing all of their buffs.

Blue Skill: Undying Chaos
:fist: - Normal Damage

Loki disappears and then makes an illusion that appears behind the enemy with the lowest Skill Power, stabbing them with his knife, dealing X damage. The real Loki then reappears to his position and casts a spell to remove Y Armor and 200 energy from all enemies.

If enemies were already Cursed, he also Silences the backline enemies for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill: The Trickster

Enemies will now prefer to target Loki’s illusions with their basic attacks. If Loki is disabled while he has a buff, he transfers the disable to the lowest HP enemy and instead gains Y Reality equal to the enemy’s Max HP.

Loki’s illusions then gain half of that amount of Reality. This can only trigger once every 6 seconds.

Red Skill: God Of Mischief

When a Loki illusion is KO’d, the enemy that KO’d them loses 40% attack speed and Y Basic Damage.

When allies gain a buff, Loki then gains that exact buff with it’s duration increased by 3 seconds. Every buff Loki gains this way also increases his Skill Power by Y.

The buff copy has a chance to fail if allies are above Level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +X Damage from Undying Chaos
  • +Y Max HP for each Loki illusion
  • +Z Tenacity

Battle Badge:

Requires To Charge:

  • An enemy is Cursed


  • Stat Buff: +Y Basic Damage
  • Lineup Buff: +50 Energy Gain for all Control allies
  • Effect Buff: When a enemy is Cursed, Loki also Stuns them for 2 seconds


Campaign: “Viva La Vida”
Allies: Kronk, Scar, Jafar

Disk Power:

  • +X Max HP
  • +Y Basic Damage


Weaken Defenses

  • When enemies are Shielded, they lose 50% attack speed and 50% of their Reality (+10% attack speed and Reality per star)

  • When enemies are Cursed, they take 40% more damage from all sources (+5% damage per star)

Loki/Flynn Rider
Campaign: “Rebels Just For Kicks”
Allies: Nick Wilde, Elsa, Robin Hood

Disk Power:

  • +X Reality
  • +Y Evasion


Chaos when Illusions are KO’d

  • When a Loki illusion is KO’d, the enemy that KO’d them is then Charmed for 5 seconds. After the Charm is over, they then take damage equal to 20% of Loki’s Max HP (+5% damage per star)

Other Notes

  • This concept is intended to tie in with the series of the same name, Loki. It just dropped last night with the first episode “Glorious Purpose” absolutely blowing me away. Not only is it setting up interesting things for the future of the MCU but also giving us much needed time with one of the best tricksters and charismatic villains ever, Loki himself.

  • I was contemplating making his skillset purely knife combat based as he was in Ragnarok and Dark World but I decided not to since the show seems to be finally showcasing his versatile powers such as more of his illusions, shapeshifting and spells as we can see in one of the trailers.

  • As you all know, lately Loki has been one of my most favorite characters of Marvel and the MCU. Despite his inconsistent writing and weakened powers sometimes, I think all of those issues will be fixed in this show and will finally make him the true God of Mischief we all love. His charisma, intensity and arrogance is all there and has been portrayed perfectly by one of my favorite actors, Tom Hiddleston but now, it’s time to see him truly shine with his new powers and on his new adventures with the TVA and potentially in the future depending on how the show and it’s future seasons go. I think I reflected that well in this concept and I hope you also enjoy it. Long Live Loki.


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Also, my concepts will now be on Wednesdays until the first season of Loki is over. I plan to do another Marvel concept next week. My plans for after that will be posted on my concept center later so stay tuned for the updates.

Anyways, the concept for next week. :black_circle::robot::gun:

Do I submit my guess privately or here?

Privately, I guess. I think that’ll be the best way to avoid guesses coming in rapidly.

That’s a great concept but… Isn’t there too much going on? Like, the counter attack could be the Stun, otherwise the animation would be too long, I guess.

Good point. When designing the skill, I thought of this scene from Ragnarok.


Then after he slashes them down, they stand up and he does the mind spell. Idk, you may be right though. Just depends on how fast it could be.


As cool as it sounds, it’s a little ambitious. It’s a lot of detail to throw in for only one skill animation.

Not trying to downgrade your concept, it’s great and all, but that’s just the one thing about this that I found bothersome.

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I think i would use him with yzma disc paired with davy jones in same team i think they could be hard to stop

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