Rex's Collection Of Concepts

Commander Rex’s Concept Collection

Hello, thank you for clicking on this page. This is the official page for my concepts.

This page will be used for the following.

  • It will be updated for when I post a concept

  • What the status is of my concepts

  • The schedules for my next concepts

  • And also a place for YOU to request whomever you want down below. Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, DreamWorks, etc. Any time, any character. As long as I know them.

Welcome To The Collection.


Character Role Source Status
Dr. Doofenshmirtz Control Phineas & Ferb Needs Rework
Perry The Platypus (Agent P) Damage Phineas & Ferb Needs Rework
Kermit The Frog Support The Muppets In Game
2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz Control Phineas & Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension Needs Rework
Randy Cunningham Damage Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Needs Rework
Milo Murphy Control Milo Murphy’s Law Needs Rework
Yokai Tank Big Hero 6 Needs Rework
Shere Khan Damage The Jungle Book Needs Slight Rework
Phineas & Ferb Control Phineas & Ferb Finished


Character Role Source Status
Joe Gardner Support Soul Needs Slight Rework


Character Role Source Status
Iron Man Damage Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Avengers, Age Of Ultron, Civil War, Homecoming, Infinity War, Endgame Needs Rework
Captain America Tank The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier, Civil War, Avengers, The Dark World, Age Of Ultron, Civil War, Homecoming, Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Endgame Finished
Thor Damage Thor 1-3, Avengers, Age Of Ultron, Doctor Strange, Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Endgame Finished
Hulk Support/Damage The Incredible Hulk, Avengers, Age Of Ultron, Ragnarok, Infinity War, Captain Marvel, Endgame Needs Slight Rework
Thanos Control Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Age Of Ultron, Infinity War, Endgame Needs Slight Rework
Black Panther Damage Civil War, Infinity War, Black Panther, Endgame Finished
Spider-Man Damage Civil War, Homecoming, Infinity War, Endgame, Far From Home Needs Slight Rework
Falcon Damage The Winter Soldier, Age Of Ultron, Ant-Man, Civil War, Infinity War, Endgame, Falcon & The Winter Soldier Finished
Winter Soldier Damage The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Civil War, Infinity War, Endgame, Falcon & The Winter Soldier Finished
Deadpool Control X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Deadpool, Deadpool 2 Finished
Baron Zemo Control Civil War, Falcon & The Winter Soldier Finished
Ant-Man Damage Ant-Man, Civil War, Ant-Man & The Wasp, Endgame Finished
Loki Control Thor 1-3, Avengers, Infinity War, Endgame, Loki Finished
War Machine Damage Iron Man 1-3, Age Of Ultron, Civil War, Infinity War, Endgame, Falcon & The Winter Soldier

Star Wars

Character Role Source Status
Yoda Support The Clone Wars Needs Slight Rework
Anakin Skywalker Damage The Clone Wars Finished
Obi-Wan Kenobi Control The Clone Wars Finished
Captain Rex Support The Clone Wars Finished
Ahsoka Tano Damage The Clone Wars Finished
Han Solo Damage Original Trilogy Needs Rework


Character Role Source Status
Alex The Lion Control Madagascar Finished
King Julien Control Madagascar Finished
Marty The Zebra Damage Madagascar Finished
Gloria & Melman Tank Madagascar Finished

Characters Franchise Name
Winter Soldier/Falcon Marvel "Just Co-Workers"

Upcoming Concepts/Planned Concepts

  • :black_circle::large_blue_circle::man_supervillain:

Maybe you can guess who this is. :upside_down_face:

Once again, thank you for reading this. Remember to leave a request if you want.

Thanks to @RinoxeRONnte for helping me with the format for this.


So going forward into 2021, what franchise should I delve deeper into?

  • Disney
  • Pixar (same as Disney but different, kind of)
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars

0 voters

After the votes come in, I will make another poll to see what character from said franchise you’ll want me to do.

Actually, I’ve made my decision. Out of the big Pixar brand, what franchises inside should I delve into? Because this game has tons of great Pixar characters already but there are a few I could do

  • A Bug’s Life
  • Cars
  • The Good Dinosaur
  • Soul

0 voters

These are the only four Pixar film universes that don’t have any characters in this game

So I’ll be doing these following characters from the said franchises since Soul got more voters and the other two only got a few (I voting for Cars)

Joe Gardner for Soul
Flik for A Bug’s Life (I will do more from there)
Arlo and Spot from The Good Dinosaur
And Lightning McQueen for Cars

But I’m not quite sure how to do Joe so I’ll leave it up to you guys to figure out how to do him with 22 or without 22, since both could work

  • Joe with 22?
  • Joe without 22?

0 voters

Up doesn’t have any either

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Up is very hard to make characters off of. I have no idea how to do Carl, Russell or Dug or any of the characters since there’s nothing really that you can make abilities off of. But perhaps I need to do more research on it, maybe I could do something later on

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It’s settled then. I’ll be doing Joe Gardner this week

Joe Gardner is now out!

My next character will be Hulk as requested by Grin_Grinning_Alt, so look forward to that probably around next Tuesday-Thursday!

Hulk is now out!

What Marvel character should I do next?

    1. Captain America
    1. Thor
    1. Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
    1. Miles Morales
    1. Star-Lord

0 voters

I’ll probably do Guardians after I do the main 6 Avengers but if you guys like Quill more, I will do him first

Spider-Man will be my next character so look forward to that soon!

Update. Added Spider-Man!

Do you take requests for characters?

I will now, yeah. You can put them down here!

Yoda (requested by Xavier The Great)

Stan (gravity falls) -Gonzo_da-great

There’s an idea for a concept

Alright. I’ll definitely do him after I do my Shere Khan and Thanos concepts for the contest. Thanks for the recommendation

Can You do Brandy and Mr Whiskers as a duo?

Sorry, I don’t know them

Also @Gonzo_da-great, Waddles would be included with Mabel & Dipper in one of their skills, I will be doing them though

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