Long Live the Guard!

Please add Kion, he would work perfectly in this game.

Hero: Kion
Kion is a front- line Damage hero and is will be available in the Heist shop on all servers

Roar of the Elders
Kion unleashes his roar of the elders dealing damage, knocking enemies back and stunning them for 3 seconds.

Sharp Strike
Kion jumps to the closest enemy scratching them twice and dealing X damage each time

Mufasa’s Advice
Kion asks for advice from his grandfather and shining light on his allies granting them 100% more attack speed

Till the Pridelands End
Every time Kion damages an enemy he heals himself for X HP

Son of the King
Kion’s skill power is increased every time an ally uses their active skill.

Friendship Disks
Kion & Timon & Pumbaa
Kion & Rafiki

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Disney Junior characters are never coming to the game


No c(:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)y sequels please. Just because a character can “fight” doesn’t mean they should be in the game.


Is it the copyright?

We dont know if there is copyright on kion even thought he is from the lion guard which is from disney junior he can be fiting hero he can have unique skill set like this shown here


Yes and no. Yes because PB doesn’t own the right to Disney Jr. (I think) and then the game is aimed for people ages 9 and up, not 6 and under

What about the no?

I don’t know we will just have to see what happens!

That’s not true problem. Since it’s Disney it’s possible but age group of this game is higher than Disney Junior viewers, I guess.
Plot and time-line story will be totally broken, Simba will be as a cub in game.

Musketeer, They could just add Simba as an adult and if they have the copyright to Disney Junior, they then could add Kion.

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I think what @Muskedead means that, since Simba will be added in the game as a cub, then Kion cannot exist in the game, because he’s not yet been born…


And neither can kiara!!!


They cant add more lions cuz they would all have same skills i think


What I’m trying to say is that we don’t know if they are going to add Simba yet, if they do, the only way this can work out is if they make Simba an adult, then this whole thing could work out.

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It’s been confirmed by Polaris. :expressionless:

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The ONLY way (and being frank) that THIS could work is that somehow in a friendship missions is explained that Simba and Nala were adults and they don’t know how they turn in cubs again. BUT again that will only leave more questions that answers.

As much as i want more Lion King content. I’m thinking PertBlue decided to only choose the 1° Movie to be added and that’s it.


Another idea that come to my mind… Has someone see it Back to the future?

Well what IF we get introduce to a Marty McFly situation here, where Kion will meet his parents in a cub age and being unable to tell them who REALLY he is (his son) because some wise heroe (Like Merlin) mentioned to him before the first contact the consequences of reveal the future to his parents? He could hang out with them as long as he don’t reveal his true identity to them. But again that’s another CRAZY idea.


I don’t think it will work, Timon and Pumbaa don’t know (who is) Scar and vice versa in their friendship.


So far no badges have been identified as from a Disney Junior Show. That being said out of the 327 (Or 331) badges 297 (Or 301) have had their origins identified.
So this:

Is probably true.

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Kion will come somehow i belive in it

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