Lothar (the Rocketeer Hero Concept)


Despite his incinerating demise, Lothar’s mission to retrieve the rocket for Neville Sinclair remains unchanged, plowing through and folding his enemies in half.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Frontline Damage
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Where is the rocket?”

Entrance: Lothar walks into the battlefield, and reveals his face upon adjusting his hat.
Victory: Lothar smiles and takes off his hat.
KO: A glass vase falls from the air and smashes over Lothar’s head, knocking him out.

Basic Attack: Lothar throws his hands down onto enemies.

White Skill - Suppressive Firepower - Normal Damage
Lothar shoots his handguns at enemies, firing them repeatedly until he runs out of energy. Each shot from his handguns deals X damage to each enemy.

[This skill resembles Emperor Zurg’s “Ion Blaster” skill.]

Green Skill - Towering Tyrant
Lothar walks up to the weakest enemy and folds them in half, which will stun them for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill - Knuckle Punch
Lothar punches the strongest enemy, dealing X damage and silencing them for 6 seconds.

Purple Skill - Special Job
Lothar increases his attack speed by 20% each time he damages, stuns, or silences an enemy.

Red Skill - Spy Striker
Each time Lothar uses his “Towering Tyrant” skill, he also steals X energy from the enemy he folded. His max HP is increased to X, and his Basic Skill power is doubled.

Lothar + Emperor Zurg
Campaign: Henchman for Hire - Zurg is in need of a new henchman, and Lothar fits the bill perfectly. The only problem is there seems to be a language barrier between them.
Disk: Ion Bullets
Disk Memory: Lothar’s “Suppressive Firepower” skill grants him X additional energy each time he damages an enemy.
Disk Power: Z max HP

Lothar + the Rocketeer
Campaign: Cliff’s Compromise - Lothar finally has Secord right where he wants him, but Cliff tells him that Neville Sinclair is dead and he can no longer work for him. In turn, Cliff offers to help him get used to the City.
Disk: Steel Hat
Disk Memory: All damage dealt to Lothar is reduced by 60%.
Disk Power: Z HP gain

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