Lou Concept (Disney/Pixar Shorts Concept Contest)


Stars: :star2:
Position: Midline
Role: Control
Team: Red
Entrance: Lou gets out of his box


Victory: Lou gives a thumbs up with a jump rope
Defeat: Lou falls apart
Basic attack: Lou throws an object. (Baseball, Jump rope, Lunchbox, Marbles)

White Skill: Wrap It Up
:eight_pointed_black_star: - Normal Damage

The player picks an enemy for Lou to crawl to, which he then wraps himself around the enemy for 15 seconds, slowing their attack and movement speed by 90%, and stealing X health per second.
While on Auto, Lou targets the backmost enemy.

Green Skill: Lost Marbles
:eight_pointed_black_star: - Normal Damage

Lou spits marbles at all enemies, applying two stacks of “Marbles” to each enemy and dealing X damage.
“Marbles” increases the duration of debuffs by 10% per marbles up to a total of 80%

Blue Skill: Reconstruct
:infinity: - Passive Skill

Once per battle, when Lou reaches 0 HP, he reconstructs himself and heals for X.
While being Reconstructed, Lou drops some Marbles, applying 3 stacks of Marbles to the nearest enemy.

Purple Skill: Lost And Found
:infinity: - Passive Skill

Every two basic attacks, a secondary effect happens depending on what item he threw.
Baseball: The enemy is knocked back.

Jump Rope: The enemies movement speed is slowed by 50% for 7 seconds

Lunch Box: Stuns enemy for 4 seconds.

Marbles: Applies two stacks of “Marbles” to the closest enemy

The secondary effect has a chance to fail against enemies higher than level X

Red Skill: Playground Scuffle
:infinity: - Passive Skill

Lou gains X reality every time an enemy is slowed

For every three seconds an enemy is slowed, Lou’s allies gain 15% of Lou’s max health as a shield
+Skill Power
+Health Stolen from “Wrap It Up”

Lou and Chesire Cat

“Now You See Me”

“Reconstruct” applies one extra marble per star
+Skill Power
Allies: Hades, Madam Mim, Dr. Facilier

Lou and Mushu

“Small And Red Packages”

Every 10 basic attacks, Lou throws all the objects in his basic attack at once. The number is decreased by 1 for every star.
Allies: Basil, Finnick, Linguini & Remy

Hope you liked it!


Nice concept should I make one for purl?

Thanks for submitting! I am amazed by the creativity and pure awesomeness of these concepts!

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