Disney/Pixar Short Concept Contest!

Not yet, it’s almost midnight as I’m posting this lol.

If it is like 15 minutes away I will accept it.

Tomorrow morning ASAP it is then. Around 8:00 AM would work?

Yes of course. The earliest it can be is Midnight on August 1st wherever you are, the latest being August 22nd at 12:00 PM EST.

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Concept Created! Here It Is!

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I have created my humble pledge

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It’s still July where I am

here’s my entry!! The new yarn in the office (contest entry)

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Here is my entry @Imagineer_V! The Ultimate Battlesaur

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My entry has arrived! Here it is!

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Entry is here, Wonder who it could be…

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Here’s my concept!

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The Bunny Cat is here with a concept.

My concept!

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Only day 1 of my contest and we have some very exciting concepts and the day is not even done! I am seriously SO shocked with how well the contest is going and the creativity and amazing concepts we have so far. I will update this list as the day goes on. I will be doing a recap post at the end of every week of the contest. It will not let me @ more than 10 people, so I am not doing @ts but thanks to everyone who has submitted so far.

Fellow_PigIet with Day and Night
Tragic-Magic with Smash and Grab
The_Kingslayer with Lou
C-train with Purl
Disney-Fan with Reptillus Maximus
LetsGetDangerousBro with Gus and Peck
Grim_grinning_Ghost with Geri
Phaldow with Stu and Mr. B
Bunny_Cat with Kitbull
Mister_Toon_IV with Renee
AngeIica with Lou
Scrooge_McDuck_XI with Purl


I’m surprised we didn’t get anything from presto, Luxo jr, red’s dream, boundin’, or tin toy

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The contest still has 21 days left. In fact I may cut it short a little since so many people are submitting quickly.


If they could, I hope everyone’s concept wins

After the first week if there are no submissions in over 72 hours maybe end it then?

That is a great idea!

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