Lover of snowcones (monsters inc concept series 1/2)

The abominable snowman


1 star, backline support

“Welcome to the Himalayas!”

Not at all scary, the abominable snowman supports his allies by giving them his favorite frozen treat


Entrance: a menacing figure is standing in the position but then it turns out to be the abominable snowman who greets his allies

Victory: he shows off his snowcones as he smiles

Defeat: he runs out of snowcones then he goes off screen to get some more

Basic attack: he throws a white snowball at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage


White: Lemon snowcones

The abominable snowman gives all his allies lemon snowcones, healing all allies for x amount while also blocking them from being frozen for 10 seconds.

Green: Lamp light

The abominable snowman lights a lamp and lays it down, this lamp blinds the two frontmost enemies for 5 seconds and also makes all freezes that has been inflicted to allies 4 seconds shorter.

Blue: Sled rider (:star: normal damage)

Every third basic attack, the same sled that sulley used to get back to the scare factory quickly sleds through the enemy team, dealing x damage to each enemy and knocking them back.

Purple: Freezing treat

Abominable snowman’s basic attack now freezes the target enemy for 2.5 seconds per each basic attack.

Red: Rule #1 (:zap:Fantastic damage)

Allies who has been “frozen” by any source now gains X max HP and armor when the freeze wears off.

The blind time for “Lamp light” is now 3 seconds longer, enemies who are already blinded by any other source will instead take X damage from the lamp.
+X armor
+X damage to “Sled rider”
+X armor


Abominable snowman/Sulley and boo
Laughing snowcone
increased healing from “lemon snowcones”
+X damage to “sled rider”

The Abominable Snowman is trying to find somewhere that resembles his old home and sulley offers to help him

“Lemon snowcones” now heals for 20% more per how many buffs each ally has gained throughout the battle.

Abominable snowman/Kristoff and Sven
Frozen friends
freezing lasts longer
+Increased healing when frozen
+X armor to allies

Abominable snowman shows Kristoff how to make the best snowcones but they accidentally get trapped in a blizzard

All freezes done to each enemy are now 2 seconds longer.


He’ll be the first Monsters Inc. tat is one star

You didn’t need to quote the whole concept…


Ok, thanks

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