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Luca & Alberto

Luca & Alberto, best friends join the fight with supportive attributes to help your team!

“Walking is just like swimming. But without fins, or a tail. And also, there’s no water. Otherwise, it’s like the exact same thing”
Stars: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Frontline
Trials Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: Alberto punches the closest enemy dealing damage

Entrance: Luca walks in nervously while Alberto walks in confidently. When in position Alberto puts his arm around Luca and slowly moves his arm over his head. Alberto then stops and Luca is ready to fight.

Victory: Luca & Alberto start hopping and slowly spinning in a circle, afterwards they drop to the ground laughing.

Defeat: Water falls from the top of the screen turning both to sea monsters.


White Skill: Knowledge Is Power :white_circle:
Luca grabs the astrology book Giulia gave him and reads it. Afterwards he puts it away, this studies enemies for 15 seconds, heals all allies for X hp and speeds up all allies attack and movement speed by 120% for 10 seconds.

After that Alberto punches the most upfront enemy dealing X damage and stunning them for 12 seconds. If the enemy had more than 500 energy Alberto steals it and gives 300 energy to him and Luca.

Energy steal and stun have a chance to fail on enemies above level X

Green Skill: For The Vespa :green_circle:
:fist: Normal
Luca and Alberto hop on Giulia’s bike and ride across all enemies. This deals X damage and stuns all enemies for 8 seconds. When Luca & Alberto return to position they gain a shield that blocks X damage.

If enemies are studied when this skill is performed the stun is increased by 2 seconds and Luca & Alberto and allies become “Inspired” for 10 seconds.

Inspired guarantees a critical hit with every attack and increase skill power by X.

Blue Skill: Silencio Bruno :large_blue_circle:
:fist: Normal
Alberto yells “Silencio Bruno” to all allies and enemies. Enemies hit become silenced for 15 seconds and take X damage AND take 20% more damage from all sources for the next 8 seconds.

Allies gain inspired for 8 seconds.

Inspire has a chance to fail on allies above level X

Purple Skill: Stupido :purple_circle:
Every second an enemy is silenced they lose X skill power and X armor.

Red Skill: Daydreaming :red_circle:

Inspired allies now deal 30% more damage to enemies.
All inspires done by Alberto & Luca are now increased by 2.5 seconds.
Whenever an ally has 1 debuff they gain inspired for 2 seconds (can stack) (the 2.5 inspire increase does not apply to this)

“For The Vespa”(s) shield now increases Luca & Alberto’s max hp every second they have the shield

+X damage to studied enemies
+X skill power
+X basic damage while inspired

Friendships: :handshake:

Adventure Forever

Luca & Alberto and Kida
every 2 seconds an enemy is silenced they lose 2% of their armor and 3% of their max hp

Disk Power

+X damage to silenced enemies (applies to allies)
+Z healing from all sources (applies to allies)
+Z Max hp when any ally or Luca & Alberto debuff an enemy


+0.5% per star
+1% per star

Allies: Jasmine, Peter Pan, Jim Hawkins

Insirpation Trial

Luca & Alberto and Jumba
Whenever Luca & Albertos team has any sort of debuff applied they have a 2% chance to remove the debuff
“For the Vespas”(s) shield now applies to all allies

Disk Power

+X damage to buffed enemies (applies to allies)
+Z Skill Power and Basic Damage whie shielded from any source
+Z Max hp


+2% per star
+2% per star

Allies: Tigger, Robin Hood, Gaston

Which Friendship Would You Use
  • Kida
  • Jumba

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I hope perblue will add them

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Why Jumba’s Friendship?

I’ve been thinking about it quite recently. I just saw it recently along with Pixar’s previous film Soul, which I think Joe Gardner should have potential. Also, I personally agree that Luca and Alberto should be on team yellow considering that that team has a little less heroes than team red and blue.

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Jumba is a monster as well, its pretty possible

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Jumba is an alien thats not excatly the same

I see a lot of people are doing concepts for Luca & Alberto. Hasn’t doing one for just Luca or just Alberto come to mind?

The original idea was to make a only Luca concept but i just feel it does make more sense for them to be together as one hero then seperate

You aren’t wrong, but this doesn’t mean a friendship wouldn’t work

Any character can have a friendship with any other, if the story concept is good enough. Limiting yourself to “They’re both kids!” or “They’re both ducks!” is just plain boring.

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