Luisa Madrigal

Luisa Madrigal

Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Luisa walks into her position.
Victory: Luisa smiles and does a pose.
Defeat: Luisa becomes sad and sobs.

Quote: “I’m the strong one. I’m not nervous.’’

Basic attack: Luisa punches nearest enemies

White Skill: The Pressure :fist:
Passive: Luisa gains 1 stack of “Pressure” whenever she receives a hit or a debuff is applied to her allies. For every 5 stacks of “Pressure” Luisa’s received damage decreased by 3%, up to 90%, and all damage done increases by 5%. There is no limit to how many “Pressure” stacks Luisa can have.

Active: Luisa pulls out a sword and shield, Distracting all enemies for 10 seconds, then using a sword at the nearest enemies to deal X damage and throwing the shield at the farthest enemy, dealing X damage in the area.

Green Skill: Under the Surface :sparkles:
Luisa stomps 3 times at the ground, creating small quakes which deal X damage, knockbacks enemies and applying Shatter for 5 seconds to all enemies.

Shatter has a chance to not be applied to enemies above Level X.

Blue Skill: Strong as Earth’s Crust :sparkles:
Luisa throws a giant rock at the enemies, dealing X damage in an area and stunning enemies hit for 6 seconds.

Purple skill: No Breaks
Luisa is immune to all negative effects and knockbacks when she reaches 20 stacks of “Pressure”.

For every 10 stacks of “Pressure”, Luisa and her allies gain X Armor and X Reality, and are healed by X HP.

Red Skill: Keep Going
At the beginning of each wave, for 6 seconds, Luisa is Berserk.
Luisa’s buffs cannot be removed or stolen.

After reaching 20 stacks of Pressure, Luisa and her allies’ Armor and Reality are increased by 50% for the remainder of the wave.
After reaching 40 stacks of Pressure, Luisa is immune to critical hits.
After reaching 60 stacks of Pressure, Luisa and her allies become Invincible for 4 seconds, this triggers then every 20 stacks of Pressure.

The Berserk has a chance to fail being applied if Luisa is above Level X.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Armor
+X Damage to ‘‘Under the Surface’’


Hercules - Pressure of the Hero

Reduced Critical Hit on allies

  • +X HP
  • +X Armor to Luisa and allies
  • Luisa begins each battle with 3 stacks of Pressure (+3 stacks per star)
  • For every stack of ‘‘Pressure’’ allies have reduced chance by 1% to receive a Critical hit

The Manticore - Fearless Adventurers

Stun Immunity

  • +X SP
  • +X BD
  • Stunned allies gain X Reality
  • Allies are immune to stuns for the first 2 seconds of each wave (+1s per star)
  • After reaching 35 stacks of Pressure allies become immune to Stuns for the remainder of the wave (-5 stacks per star)

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