Summary of 2021!

It was a bit… better yet worse.

Just as last year, in this topic we will summary the the-almost-finished year 2021!

  1. The greatest achievement of 2021? (individual)
  2. The biggest failure of 2021? (individual)
  3. The greatest achievement of 2021? (guild)
  4. The biggest failure of 2021? (guild)
  5. The biggest positive surprise of 2021? (another player)
  6. The biggest negative surprise of 2021? (another player)
  7. The biggest positive surprise of 2021? (game, event etc.)
  8. The biggest negative surprise of 2021? (game, event etc.)
  9. What should change in the new year compared to the previous one?
  10. Best player of 2021? (not your self, mention another player)
  11. Your favourite forum user of 2021?
  12. Your favourite hero concept of 2021 (individual - the one which you’ve created)
  13. Your favourite hero concept of 2021? (another user)
  14. Which hero do you want to be added in 2022, because it wasn’t added in 2021? (just one)
  15. Other points if you want. (around the game)


1: Me hitting my first 1,000,000 power hero
2: Me losing motivation for playing the game
3: Definitely my guild that I built from the ground up getting 25th place in less than a year
4: Guild war MMR matchmaking making us not get diamond for one season
5: A good friend of mine on S22 becoming a leader of one of the best guilds
6: A good friend of mine leaving the game after teaching me how to make and sustain a successful guild
7: The prize wall… I LOVE IT
8: More FtN contests… yeah….
9: I want our guild to get better, I want to come back to the game, and I want the people in my guild to succeed alongside each other
10: Hmmmm I wonder… Hmmm… it’s obviously @Musketeer
11: This one is obvious @Filadae_Djaq
12: N/A?!
13: I liked this one Luisa Madrigal
14: Dolores Mirabel from Disney’s Encanto
15: In S22 sadly a good chunk of my friend group left the game, but slowly some of them are coming back. Hopefully in 2022 the game will get better and people will stop leaving.

  1. Hitting 1 million power on many heroes
  2. Wasting resources on Gadget just to find out she was terrible
  3. …idk
  4. The entire guild fell apart, leading to our ruler leaving, as well as me.
  5. Any new regulars
  6. Genie Dingwall
  7. Prize Wall
  8. Wish Crate that rhymes!
  10. Diabolik (leader of my current guild)
  11. TotallyNotDash/TheCannonCart (amazing duo by the way)
  12. Don’t have any
  13. Fanboy and Chum Chum (I believe by Jungalians_IX)
  14. Pixar characters from a new franchise (so The Good Dinosaur, Soul, Luca, etc. I’d also like characters from Cars or A Bug’s Life but sizing issues are a little much)

Those are my picks.

  1. Maxing my favourite heroes, getting cosmetic level above 720, unlocking Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 avatar, and finally getting to division 1 after the merge and first time in the coliseum as well.
  2. Still not maxing enough red skills, not playing surge enough :zzz:
  3. Still at the top!
  4. But higher guilds are a bit… of too big a challenge for guild wars.
  5. @Kira
  6. None
  7. Red skill chips from elite. More KP characters! Bolt!
  8. No port events. Basil’s refresh was garbage. Gadget is garbage, Chip & Dale’s white skill, and since Y5 badges are random.
  9. Making maxing red skill easier, more new heroes than in 2021, and stop adding Disney renaissance characters.
  10. @The_Real_Numi :pirate_flag:
  11. @Lovely :eyes: soooo funny!
  12. My Wade concept as #1, then Thomas O’Malley, and Air Bud.
  13. Djaq’s fox fursuit concept!
  14. All I dream… is one little CAT! even if there are many cute cats… Oliver is the top choice! :oncoming_taxi: (and likely to be paired with Dodger) I NEED OLIVER! :cat2:
  15. return port events and increase badge crates rewards, return to old system deal, and more hero refreshes, and more new heroes, where are cats and Soul characters?! More TV representation as well.

You mean the literal most popular era of Disney properties, followed only by the Golden Age and the Silver Age? Nah. More Renaissance! More Golden Age! More Silver Age!

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Way too many. It’s everywhere like a pandemic. Stop with the madness.

Only Hunchback characters doesn’t have much representation, so they are welcome. The Rescuers as well, but first movie would be better pick, Medusa :gun:

I like the original Rescuers just fine, but to say it’s better than Rescuers Down Under? Literally WHAT?

McLeach is one of my most-wanted heroes.

  1. I would say raising 5 heroes freely after S1-S9 merge was something I liked the most.
  2. Have to agree with Gadget (and many other new characters that) is (are) garbage.
  3. I had so many good memories in GT, but I am happy to have a freely paced guild now.
  4. Can´t recall any.
  5. @Kira and any other Free-to-Play/mild-Pay-to-Play player that gained the most from the Golden Era of this game (I call that 45 badge crates in contests + Prize Walls + the first Trial Event)
  6. Many of the undisclosed high whales that kept fighting in forums.
  7. Changing contest rewards to 45 badge crates/contest, all Prize Wall changes, first Trial Event = Golden Era; UPCOMING MERGE ANNOUNCEMENT
  8. Changing contest rewards from 15 at middle+30 at the end badge crates to 15 at the end Badge Crates and nerfs of Trial Event Rewards (end? of Golden Era)
  9. Hopefully the “Golden Era” will be retrieved once again and built upon.
  10. I would say @Kira. There are many honorable mentions here, but I believe Kira inspired me to stay in the game to date the most for how relentless she is in the game. And I hope that will continue :wink:
  11. I don´t think a certain forum user deserves this title. All forumers I greatly appreciate, some more, some less, but I really like the community overall.
  12. I do like both my concepts the same way (Mufasa + Captain Teague)
  13. Didn´t really pay too much attention to the concepts of others sadly. Partly because the characters don´t interest me that much, partly because I don´t have that much time anymore.
  14. I would say Mufasa. I´d really like “The Lion King” in the game, especially since he´s not dead in this continuity.
  15. There are many many improvements I would like in the game to happen, but so far I am interested in what the PB team has in their sleeves for post-Y10 gameplay.

I quit the game so

defenstrates game



@MissingLure :smiley:

thank you for being a nice and delicious fish

i’d be egoistic if i said my self concept was my favorite one so… i choose my toko fukawa concept

i haven’t checked many concepts out this year

although one i remember liking was phaldow’s unbread twins concept

bill cipher

you just said this to tease me, didn’t you? :frowning_face:


Achievement? Got some red ranks, red skills, disks, etc.

Failure? Lost motivation to continue the game/concepts

  1. More KP Characters and DW Characters, FINALLY!
  2. Garbage things like KP and Basil refresh and Gadget and whatnot
  3. everything
  4. Good question. I’m guessing @Raymond because of their Amelia.
  5. @PawpsicleSticks
  6. Hoo Hoo
  7. TBA
  8. I want Her
  9. might quit :man_shrugging:
  1. Being invited into a Top 10 guild
  2. :disappointed:
  3. Consistently coming in top 1% in guild contests
  4. My previous guild dropping fast in numbers/active members
  5. Musk defending himself against all the alt accusations in the elimination games :sweat_smile:
  6. Musk disliking Luca :unamused:
  7. Bolt!!!
  8. Plenty of new OP characters that are used to death in Arena by P2P
  9. Better hero balancing
  10. My current guild leader… I dunno
  11. I haven’t made many recently but I had fun making Michael Scarn
  12. Not sure
  13. 22 from Soul
  1. Uh… I survived first semester of junior year I guess :sweat_smile:
  2. I got some missing work to do for E-College :sob:
  3. IDK
  4. I can’t join a guild for some reason. Every time I press Join Guild button, the button resets when I exited out the guild screen to home and back to guild. I tried it many times on different guilds but it never worked…
  5. New regulars
  6. Spammers
  7. Kermit got added to DHBM
  8. Look at 4
  9. An easier way to get to Challengers on Arena…
  10. Solo, they’re ranked #1 on Rankings board on Server 1
  11. Discobot
  12. I’m very proud of my Fun Bun & Puddles concept :pancakes: :shaved_ice:
  13. Girlfriend by Riley100 :+1: The Moon concept by Lovely :crescent_moon:
  14. AGENT P!!!
  15. I really hope I can find a way to join a guild somehow…
  1. Got 1m score in the game
  2. Inactivity due to business and eventually got burnouts
  3. Got invited by a guild leader who geeks out a lot in the chat
  4. Got kicked out of guild due to inactivity
  5. Idk yet
  6. A person in the game befriends me just to talk to me about dirty things, that was… ugh
  7. Prize Wall, new players could get new heroes easier
  8. Idk yet
  9. At this point idk bc i played the game less now
  10. Not sure
  11. Probably @Filadae_Djaq
  12. My favorite one so far is my Albedo concept
  13. Not sure, i like many concepts made by different people
  14. Some Encanto characters would be great

Thanks so much 🫂
Here she is :blush:


Getting the 1st place in a guild contest for the first time in a pretty long period.

Esmeralda getting added.

I guess the Olaf trial is.

Hm…I guess Phal is cause I got some meme fuel :scissors:

Ian Malcolm it is. Did I even do other concepts this year? :sweat_smile:

No need to repeat.

Got no answers for the rest :sweat_smile:


Cant answer these :cry:

I guess I will have to say @Filadae_Djaq :sob:

My moon and sun concepts… if I had to choose one then I’ll say moon, lots of fun to make

@PawpsicleSticks gogo tomago concept :fairy:t4:

Any soul characters!! :cry:

They need to be added one day, what a great movie.

Please buff woody and Alice. That is all thank you.



Let’s see… even though I quit the game around Summer I can still answer a few questions probably.

  1. Before I quit, I think I had one of the strongest Dashes on Server 1(while being F2P)
  2. Hm… It’s not like I broke my arm like 3 months ago… nope not at all! :thinking: :grin:
  3. Getting Legendary in war consecutively(before the war match making issue)
  4. Alot of great people quit(myself included)
  5. Pipsqueak(a F2P player) becoming Champion in Challengers Arena.
  6. Lots of high ranked players quit
  7. Prize Wall!
  8. Wish Crate and Badge Booster Crate amounts being nerfed
  9. Although I don’t play anymore I think Perblue should listen to players(whether they are P2P or F2P).
  10. Pipsqueak
  11. The Arsonist Fox! :smiley:
  12. My Birthday Concept!
  13. Fundy!


Why must I always suffer


oh yeah… I wanted to mention that as well but I completely forgot who did that.

we all like you soooooooooooooo much, our forum fox. :blush:

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