Luke Skywalker Unlikely Hero Concept

Luke Skywalker Unlikely Hero Concept

I found this image on Google. It is not mine.

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Luke Skywalker jumped onto the battlefield and used the Force and his lightsaber skills to defeat the creeps.

Quote: “Alderaan? I’m not going to Alderaan, I’ve gotta get home, it’s late, I’m in for it as it is!”

Alternate costume: Jedi Knight Luke

Credit to DarthRavager86.


Chips to unlock: 80

Starting stars: :star::star::star:

Role: Control

Position: Frontline

Trials team: Blue


Basic attack: Luke slashes at the nearest enemy with his lightsaber once.

Entrance: Luke does a flip as he jumps in

Victory: Luke turns off his lightsaber and smiles.

Defeat: Luke drops his lightsaber, kneels, and holds his side in pain.


White skill: Use the Force
Luke uses the Force and pushes all foes back. All foes are afflicted with monitored for 10 seconds.

Green skill: Lightsaber Slash
:sparkles: Fantastic damage: Luke slashes at the nearest enemy three times with his lightsaber, stunning them for 5 seconds and applying 5 stacks of fatigue after the stun ends. Each Slash deals x fantastic damage.

Blue skill: NOOO!!!
Once Luke is KO’d, he yells, “Nooooo!!!”, silences all enemies for 15 seconds, and decreases all foes’ attack speed by 30% for 20 seconds. The silence has a chance to fail against enemies above level x.

Purple skill: Deep Concentration
Luke studies all enemies for 15 seconds and cleanses himself.

Red skill: May the Force Be With You
Use the Force now monitors all foes for 15 seconds instead of 10. Deep Concentration now cleanses on random ally.

+X Max HP
+X Armor
+X Attack Speed


Friendship 1

Luke Skywalker/Kevin Flynn


Friend campaign name: Futuristic Lessons
Luke Skywalker thinks Kevin Flynn is Old Ben and asks him to teach him more about being a Jedi. Kevin decides to go with it and tells Luke there is no more to teach him about the Jedi Way. Instead, he teaches him how to properly use an identity disk.

Disk name: Teaching the Arts
Gain 20% more fantastic damage. Plus 10% per star. +1% armor increase per level

Allies: Quorra, Tron, and Mr. Big and Keslov

Friendship 2

Luke Skywalker/Hewey, Dewie, and Lewie


Friendship campaign name: Training
Luke decides to teach and train Hewey, Dewie, and Lewey in the Way of the Jedi. He soon realizes that it will be challenging because the triplets are too lazy to get serious about it.

Disk name: The Jedi Way
Gain 20% crit chance. +5% per star. +3% skill power per level.

Allies: Launchpad McQuack, Aurora, and Frozone

WOW!!! This is very overpowered.

Also OP

Also very OP

Overall, great concept!! A little unrealistic for the game, due to high levels of debuffs for lots of time. However, try not to post multiple things a day. Maybe wait 3-4 days between posts. Still, great concept.

Ok. Thanks for the feedback. I am still new to this website and hero concepts, so I will take any feedback that I get.

Not really, no.

Also no. Milo studies for almost as long. The cleanse is not really OP either.

The only problem with the skill is that it does not align with what a Purple Skill usually is, a passive.

Now, for feedback of my own.

I haven’t played the game for over a year, but isn’t “Monitored” a status only afflicted by Kim Possible? If it still is, then replace it with something else. Not saying you can’t, but I’d recommend keeping hero-exclusive statuses, well, hero-exclusive. At least until it’s not exclusive to a single hero.

I recommend clarifying whenever damage is dealt, just to make the concept more believable. For example, you could say “Each slash will deal X damage.”

What are the three stat buffs Luke will obtain from his red skill?

This doesn’t sound believable enough… maybe you could make it so Kevin teaches Luke the same way Obi-Wan did.

This could work but maybe, instead of Kronk, have Luke teach someone younger/less experienced than him? Kronk’s strong and he’s buff, so I doubt he’d require any training from Luke.

This isn’t how disks work.

Levels usually increase stats and skill damage, while stars are used to buff the passives disks grant (which is not the same as the buffs from levels).


Thank you! I fixed it to the best of my ability and I hope it is better to understand and is more realistic to the game.

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