Belly Rubs for Good Luck? - Perrito Unlikely Hero Concept


Perrito the chatty puppy will both calm and encourage his allies.

“I already have a comfy sweater and two best friends. I got what I wished for. No magic required.”


Starting Stars:



Trials Team::red_circle:


Perrito jumps onto the battlefield.

Perrito jumps happily.

Perrito lies down and whimpers.


(Perrito is like Joy attack-wise, meaning he won’t damage opponents.)

Basic Attack:
Perrito barks a bark of encouragement.

:white_circle:: Therapy Dog
Perrito barks, cleansing all allies and giving them 25% of their current reality. If an ally is scared, that ally gains 30% reality. All allies gain berserk for 15 seconds.

:green_circle:: The Saddest Funny Story
Perrito tells his opponents his life story, inflicting all opponents with a 20% attack speed decrease and a 20% basic damage decrease for 15 seconds.

:large_blue_circle:: Lucky Belly Rubs
Perrito uncovers his belly, inflicting all opponents with a 30% fantastic crit chance decrease and a 15% armor decrease for 20 seconds.

:purple_circle:: Perrito Power
If Perrito is KO’d, he will revive with 100% HP and a shield of X HP for 20 seconds.

:red_circle:: Fearless Friend
“Perrito Power” also gives Perrito berserk for 15 seconds after the shield is either broken or disappears. “Lucky Belly Rubs” also inflicts all opponents with a 15% move speed decrease for 20 seconds.

+X Reality
+X Armor
+X HP Regenerated


Friendship 1



The Mission

Perrito sees Bolt walking by a river. He walks over to Bolt and starts talking to him, only to be hushed. Bolt tells Perrito that he’s on a secret mission to catch the the Green-eyed Man (Dr. Calico) Bolt let’s Perrito join him because he’s a dog, and dogs are “trustworthy”.

Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing Duck, Meilin Lee

The Dogs’ Journey

Disk Abilities:
+X Reality (lvl)
+X Armor (star)
“The Saddest Funny Story” now inflicts another 10% basic damage decrease. (+2% per star, max=+10% basic damage decrease.)

Friendship 2

Perrito/Puss in Boots


A New Adventure

Perrito sees Puss in the park practicing his swordfighting skills on a dummy. He quickly runs over to Puss and tries to get his attention. The third time, it worked. Puss is happy to see him. Now that they are reunited, they decide to go on a new adventure to the City’s Forbidden Mountains (PerBlue, take notes! Future update, maybe?) to find out why exactly it is, well, forbidden.

Shrek & Donkey, Po, Luke Skywalker

What Lies Ahead?

Disk Abilities:
+X Tenacity (lvl)
+X Blue Skill Power (star)
“Therapy Dog” now heals all allies for 20% of their max HP. (+1% per star, max=+5% HP healed.)

Season 3 Concept 2 is out. Hmm… I didn’t realize I’ve made that many. This is my 15th concept (16th if you count the Ravi Ross and Mrs. Kipling disaster of a concept). Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed and that this idea wasn’t too “off”.

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Waluigi will be my next concept. WAH!!!

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