The Dragon Warrior - Po the Panda Unlikely Hero Concept S2 Finale


The Dragon Warrior, the greatest martial artist in all of China, Po, is looking for a fight. With the Wuxi Finger Hold and his big chubby body, Po uses skill and his massive size to overwhelm his opponents.

“How about you spare me the chit chat? Ugh, chit chat. Chitty, chitty, chat, chat, chat, chat, chat. Chit chat.”


Starting Stars:



Trials Team::yellow_circle:


Po flies in on his rocket chair and crashes on the battlefield. He gets up, and the debris disappears.

Po puts his fist in his hand and bows.

Po collapses and his lip quivers.


Basic Attack:
Po punches the nearest enemy.

:white_circle:: Wuxi Finger Hold
:sparkles: Fantastic damage: Po puts the nearest enemy into the Wuxi Finger Hold position and sends them to the spirit realm, dealing X fantastic damage and removing the enemy from the battlefield for 10 seconds.

:green_circle:: Rocket Cart
:fist: Basic damage: At the start of battle, Po zooms across the stage in a rocket Cart, dealing X basic damage, and applying a 25% armor decrease and a 15% max HP decrease for 10 seconds.

The max HP decrease has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

:large_blue_circle:: Crush
:fist: Basic damage: Po jumps on the nearest enemy, dealing X basic damage, stunning them for 10 seconds, and applying a 35% fantastic crit chance decrease for 15 seconds.

:purple_circle:: Panda Power
Po gains a 25% basic crit chance every 30 seconds of each wave, a 20% energy gain increase for 15 seconds, and 5 stacks of hardy.

:red_circle:: The Dragon Warrior
Wuxi Finger Hold now applies a 20% reality decrease to a random enemy for 20 seconds. Rocket Cart now stuns a random enemy for 5 seconds.

+X Armor
+X Reality
+X Tenacity


Friendship 1

baymax (2)

The Chase

Po and Baymax are walking with each other by the noodle shop where they first met. They see the owner, Hiro being robbed… By the creeps! No one was paying attention but them, so when the creeps went away, they decided to follow them.

Hiro, Yzma, Dash

The Martial Artist and the Healthcare Companion

Disk Power:
+X Fantastic Damage (lvl)
+X Blue Skill Power (star)
Panda Power now heals Po for 5% of his max health every 5 seconds. (-0.2 seconds every star, max=-1 second)

Friendship 2

Po/Luke Skywalker


The Ways of the Fighters

Po and Luke fight alongside each other and are impressed by each other’s fighting skills. They decide to teach each other their skills.

Elastigirl, Ralph, WALL-E

The Student and Master

Disk Power:
+X% Energy Gain (lvl)
+X Tenacity (star)
Wuxi Finger Hold now gives Po a 10% move speed increase for 10 seconds. (+5% move speed every star, max=+25% move speed)

There is the final S2 concept. I will be updating my concept series. My next concept will be in April. I hope you enjoyed! I will start of the next season with the person/character of my choice, and polls will come out from there!


Awesome concept! Very true to the character. :+1:


I think the quote should be more like “I’m not a big fat panda. I’m THE big fat panda.”

Or maybe “skadoosh” or “get ready to feel the thunder” or “my fist hungers for justice. stomach growls uh… that was my fist” or “there is no secret ingredient. It’s just you.”

Please stop reviving dead topics.


whoop!!! I love po

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