Magic snowman (Christmas concept)

Merry Christmas everybody, here is my concept for this jolly holiday! Enjoy!

Frosty the snowman

Frosty (1)

1 star, frontline support

“Happy birthday!”

a snowman with a jolly happy soul, frosty’s magic hat makes sure that he has some fun in the battlefield


Entrance: an inanimate snowman appears then the magic hat blows onto his head and he comes to live

Victory: he puts his thumb on his forehead while having a confused look in his eyes before then shrugging and chuckling to himself

Defeat: the magic hat blows off his head and he turns back into the inanimate snowman

Basic attack: Frosty sweeps in front of himself with his broom, dealing X damage to a target enemy


White: i can juggle

Frosty juggles a couple of snowballs before tossing them towards random enemies, each snowball deals X damage to an enemy while also freezing them for 5 seconds.

Green: follow the leader

Frosty marches in place, increasing the attack speed of all allies by 100% for 10 seconds, making them immune to crits for 10 seconds and giving each ally 2 stacks of hardy.

Blue: worlds fastest belly whopper

Every third basic attack, frosty belly whopps through the enemy team, dealing X damage to each enemy and knocking each enemy back.

This move also has a 35% chance to freeze each enemy he passes for 5 seconds.

Purple: alive as he can be

Frosty and his allies are immune to being frozen from any source, any freezes inflicted to allies instead heals them for X amount.

Red: jolly happy soul

Frosty gains 2 stacks of hardy for every buff given to him by an ally.

“World’s fastest belly whopper” now scrambles all buffs between allies and enemies with reset durations.
+X damage to “i can juggle”
+X skill power


Frosty the snowman/Joy
Jolly snowday
“follow the leader” activates twice

“Follow the leader” has a 40% chance to activate again when frosty loses any two stacks of hardy.

Frosty the snowman/Olaf
Warm memories
freezing shreds armor

All freezes done by Frosty or his allies now shreds X% armor from the enemy.


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