Maid Marian/Jasmine Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s the first friendship campaign for Maid Marian!

Campaign name: Princess Partners

Maid Marian/Jasmine



Allies: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Madam Mim

Friend Level 1 Dialogue

Maid Marian and Jasmine are now friends!

Maid Marian: I saw you on that flying carpet the other day with Aladdin. It was romantic.

Jasmine: Thank you. I also saw you dancing with your love in the forest. Hi, I’m Jasmine.

Maid Marian: Maid Marian. A pleasure meeting you as well.

Campaign Story: Jasmine shows Maid Marian how to defend herself against the creeps.

Blue Mage: Purge the errors!

Maid Marian: Eep! A monster!

Chapter 1: Oo-De-Lally Outta Here

Chapter 1-1: Jasmine is heading out on patrol with Rajah when she hears the sound of screams coming from the Park.

Chapter 1-2: She and Rajah rush to the Park, only to find Maid Marian surrounded by creeps.

Chapter 1-3: Jasmine hits the creeps with her staff, while Rajah pounces into the fray.

Chapter 1-4: Maid Marian sees a creep coming from behind Jasmine, and throws a pie at it before it can strike,

Chapter 1-5: When the dust settles, Maid Marian approaches Jasmine.

Maid Marian: Thanks for helping me out there, Jasmine. I don’t know what I would’ve done.

Jasmine: No problem, Marian. I got your back.

Jasmine: Just one question though. Do you know how to defend yourself?

Maid Marian: I wish I knew. I’m just not used to the City like you are.

Chapter 2: Princess Pep Talk

Chapter 2-1: Maid Marian thanks Jasmine and heads back to Robin Hood.

Chapter 2-2: But the second she turns the corner, she is smack right in front of creeps. Jasmine rushes in to assist.

Chapter 2-3: A ghoul sneaks up from behind Maid Marian, but Jasmine pole-vaults her way and hits it in the face.

Chapter 2-4: Maid Marian distracts the creeps, by charming them towards her just as Rajah pounces onto them.

Chapter 2-5: When the dust settles, Jasmine turns to Maid Marian, who admits she doesn’t know self-defense.

Jasmine: So… you were saying something about wanting to learn how to defend yourself?

Maid Marian: O.K., I’ll admit. Maybe I could use a few lessons on self-defense. I’m just not used to those creeps like you and Robin are.

Maid Marian: Do you think you could teach me some ways?

Jasmine: Sure thing. Meet me back at the Park. First thing tomorrow morning.

Chapter 3: Princess in Training

Chapter 3-1: The next day, Jasmine shows Maid Marian how to battle creeps using the simplest of things.

Chapter 3-2: Jasmine demonstrates by showing a few moves with her pole.

Chapter 3-3: Maid Marian tries to do the same thing, but ends up sending it flying into a pie stand, just as the creeps appeared.

Chapter 3-4: Maid Marian rushes over and throws pies at the hover bots.

Chapter 3-5: Jasmine sees this and is in shock with Marian’s battle.

Jasmine: Now that was awesome! I’ve never seen anyone being that fast on attacking creeps with pies.

Maid Marian: Thank you. Though I wasn’t really thinking, I just went in headfirst. I guess I was a quick learner.

Maid Marian: But, I feel like I can’t always rely on the pies or my charms you know.

Jasmine: Well then, lets head to the Covered Market and find you something you can use to defend yourself.

Chapter 4: Weapon Hunt

Chapter 4-1: Maid Marian remembers the time when she ‘accidentally’ hit the Sherrif of Nottingham with a birdie when playing badminton with Lady Kluck.

Chapter 4-2: The princesses go to the Covered Market to find a racket and a birdie.

Chapter 4-3: Jasmine notices some creeps behind them and orders Rajah to attack them while they escape.

Chapter 4-4: At the Covered Market, Maid Marian found a perfect racket with fine lace and a birdie, but the price is too high.

Chapter 4-5: Judy Hopps overhears their plight and was willing to pay for the racket and birdie for them.

Maid Marian: Oh thank you ever so much back there, Ms. Hopps!

Judy: You’re welcome, and call me Judy!

Judy: If you don’t mind me asking. What were you gonna use a racket and birdie for anyway?

Maid Marian: We were looking for something I could use to defend myself against creeps.

Jasmine: At this point, I don’t know how a racket and birdie are going to help.

Maid Marian: I thought I could hit the creeps with the birdie like they’re multiple targets.

Judy: You know, there’s a type of obstacle course like that at the ZPD what you’re describing Marian. I’d be willing to teach you girls some techniques.

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Jasmine: So how did it go with Carpet last night?

Maid Marian: I beg your pardon?

Jasmine: The Magic Carpet. Did he take you and Robin on a flight around the City?

Maid Marian: Oh, yes he did! It was beautiful, I just wish it didn’t have to end.

Chapter 5: On Target

Chapter 5-1: Judy and Jasmine take Maid Marian to the ZPD for target practice.

Chapter 5-2: Jasmine starts Marian off with some standard creep dummies for her to practice.

Chapter 5-3: To Jasmine’s surprise, Marian was a fast learner. And a sharp aimer too.

Chapter 5-4: Judy and Sargeant Calhoun set up some moving targets.

Chapter 5-5: With some quick eyesight, and patience. Maid Marian was able to hit all the moving targets in one shot.

Calhoun: Nice aiming, Double M. I can tell you might just as good as me.

Jasmine: You were quite a fast learner too.

Maid Marian: Thank you. Thank you all, I’m sure Robin would want me to learn some self-defense if I’m being honest.

Judy: Well we were all happy to help Marian.


Calhoun: EVE! What’s wrong Big Egg?

Chapter 6: WALL-E!

Chapter 6-1: Marian or Jasmine, can’t tell what EVE is trying to tell them. But notions for them to follow.

Chapter 6-2: Marian and Jasmine bid Judy and Calhoun a farewell, as they try to catch up to a worried EVE.

Chapter 6-3: EVE is flying so fast, she doesn’t notice Maid Marian and Jasmine ambushed by creeps.

Chapter 6-4: Using what she’d learned, Marian uses the racket and birdie to take out the mages, while Jasmine handles the ninjas.

Chapter 6-5: After disposing of the creeps, they catch up with EVE, whos floating around frantically.

Maid Marian: Please. You got to tells us what’s wrong EVE.


Jasmine: I know her friend WALL-E. He’s a metal creature just like her, except he’s more cubical and rusty, and my father’s guards would describe him as a street rat.

Maid Marian: That’s it then! The creeps must think WALL-E was once an outlaw just like Robin Hood was. Don’t worry, EVE, we’ll get your friend back. Lead the way!

Chapter 7: Defender Princesses

Chapter 7-1: EVE leads the two princesses down to a sewer entrance guarded by creeps.

Chapter 7-2: EVE zooms past to look for more help. Marian and Jasmine know there’s no time to wait.

Chapter 7-3: Marian distracts the creeps guarding the entrance and Jasmine takes them down from behind.

Chapter 7-4: Jasmine sees a skeleton sneak up on Marian and pole vaults her way, defeating the skeleton just in time.

Chapter 7-5: After the creeps are gone. They see EVE at the entrance, once again, she notions them to follow.

Jasmine: I don’t know how EVE can see through here. Now I know how Aladdin felt when he went through the Cave of Wonders.

Maid Marian: Really? I can see just fine, perhaps I should take the lead.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Maid Marian: So let me get this straight. By law, you had to be married by your 18th birthday?

Jasmine: Yes, it was a stupid law! It wasn’t fair, I wanted to marry for love. I assumed you went through the same thing?

Maid Marian: No, my trials of love were far different. No suitors came every time my birthday came. But I was a highborn lady, while Robin was a simple outlaw.

Jasmine: So you were also forbidden to marry him too?

Maid Marian: Sadly yes. But luckily, me and King Richard saw beyond his low status, marrying him was the best day of my life.

Jasmine: Don’t worry, my father saw beyond Aladdin’s low status after he saved all of Agrabah from Jafar.

Maid Marian: Now I’m getting the sense, our boyfriends have a lot in common.

Jasmine: I bet they do, and so do we.

Chapter 8: A Rusty Friend

Chapter 8-1: The two ladies delve deeper into the maze of tunnels for their rusty friend.

Chapter 8-2: They find EVE in a light at the end of one of the tunnels. The sound of blasting fills the air.

Chapter 8-3: Sure enough, they find EVE fighting off the creeps and even creating a ray of light in the ceiling below where WALL-E is sitting.

Chapter 8-4: Maid Marian and Jasmine join the fray with EVE, to protect WALL-E from the creeps.

Chapter 8-5: As the last creep disappears, WALL-E begins to power back up.


WALL-E: EVE-ah? EVE-ah!


Maid Marian: Ah, young love. It’s a beautiful sight.

Jasmine: Yes, they have a strong bond with each other.

Campaign “Princess Partners” complete.

“Damsels in Fighting” unlocked

Hope you enjoy!

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