Mailbox Emptied?!

I had a ton of Merc Hires saved in my mailbox from way back - I’ve just logged in to the game and they are all gone?!

Yes, I’m positive I didn’t collect them by mistake - earlier today they were there, and now they are not.

What gives? Anyone else had this? Should I contact support?

The most ‘recent’ saved were from November 20 or so last year, if that helps any.


All your messages are deleted after 48 hours after they have been sent

Possibly expired idk

I have the same problem, my mailbox is empty and i had tokens there since november @Polaris what’s going on?


That’s not what I mean, I’m talking about the in-game mailbox.

I know. That is why I said it

Merc Hires saved in there aren’t supposed to expire. Arena/Coli/Surge rewards & Guild Gifts expire, but that’s after 4-5 days

They do expire after 48 hours. If you payed attention you would know that

Only the bonus coins that you receive when someone buy something are the ones that expire fyi

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@Arty is perfectly correct, merc hire coins do not expire. I don’t know what would cause them to go missing.


So, after leaving them in there for almost an entire year, you are surprised that they are gone? :sweat_smile:

Okay, I have no idea why they disappeared, but why would you leave them in there for so long?


Until the last couple of rotations, I’ve nearly always had the guild crate hero at 6* already. So I’d always keep Merc hire coins in the mailbox to avoid losing them over the 10k cap.

The most recent are from November because when I’ve had reason to collect and spend some, I’ve just done the newest first - so the “newest” has gradually got older :joy:

I’m still surprised they are gone, I had quite a few remaining and they aren’t supposed to expire.

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All mine disappeared too… I had from March up until now and all vanished :frowning: I’m waiting on a reply from support


So, they responded… Telling me that coins from guild purchases expire after 5 days… I know this already. They said therefore we see no discrepancy in this case… It’s months of coins from hired mercs I lost… These have NEVER had an expiration date. This needs addressing


They also responded to mine - saying that as far as they could see, the coins had been “applied to my account” and there was no discrepancy - this is untrue as my balance was unchanged and would have gone well over the 10k cap if I’d collected all my messages.

They definitely disappeared, I suspect we’ll need to wait until Monday so @Polaris might be able to investigate

The fact that at least 3 of us experienced this on the same day is a sure sign that something went wrong!

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I’ve also had my mailbox emptied, months of uncollected guild coins and some purchase bonuses.


:fearful: purchase bonuses is even worse! :frowning_face:

Let’s hope it gets sorted then

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What are you talking ?!
They don’t expire simple as that - what is to be misunderstood ???

We didn’t make up the rules…oh and for: why didn’t you collect them = there were contests which gave extra points just for collecting them…doh

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The mailbox messages were not lost. There was a change in 1.12.2 that mailbox messages would auto-collect if they were more the 30 days old. Players were hoarding mailbox messages and it was causing performance issues. I apologize that there was no announcement about this.

I have reviewed the logs for a couple players who reported this, and the tokens were indeed applied to accounts correctly, and nothing is missing.

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