Making Superheroes! :D


The forum hasn’t had a new entertainment topic in a while. It’s just been the occasional reply to the old ones. Let’s have some fun by making superheroes and supervillains! Sidekicks are cool too. Here’s a few to give you guys ideas (and test to see which format is best) :smiley:

Super Name: Eavesman
Alias: The Eavesdropper
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Powers: Enhanced Hearing | Insomnia | Time Control | Near-Invisibility
Weakness: Durable Foes | Magic
Teams: The Regulars | Concept Artists | Antihero League | The Information Mafia
Underlings: Info Mafia hitmen
Lair(s): The Eavescave | Info Mafia headquarters
Gadgets: Eavesword | Eavoculars | Eavestealth Jet | Eaveshark Repellent | Other Eavestuff
Favorite Moves: Slowing time for super speed | Carrying Eavestuff gadgets fit for any scenario | Eavesdropping on others
Allies: Herring Aid
Nemesis: The Wall

The Wall, aka Wallace Mortar (Inspired by the concept I made in Unlikely Heroes)
With the ability to turn as hard as a brick wall, Wallace Mortar terrorizes the countryside with his army of brick creatures called the Buildren.
Wallace only pretends to be clumsy and stupid to catch his enemies off guard. On the inside, he’s a scheming mastermind determined to pave over nature and crush efforts to save natural life. He’s also a decent ballet dancer.
The Wall frequently butts heads with Eavesman, sometimes even making efforts to expose him as the leader of the Info Mafia, most feared group in all of Cityville. There’s also the occasional spat with other superheroes who try to stop him.
Wallace was once a construction worker laying bricks near a nuclear reactor, when an angry mob of conservationists tried to tear it down to save the Earth. This unfortunately caused it to explode, mutating Wallace and giving him his hatred of nature.

Name: Herring Aid
Profession: Professional Detective, Mafia Bodyguard
Affiliations: Eavesman, the Info Mafia
Abilities: Detective Skills and Equipment, Firearm Proficiency, Clever Disguises
Demeanor: Extremely stoic, Herring Aid rarely shows emotion and only speaks when necessary.
Goals: Guard the Eavesdropper from threats, carry out orders
Costume: When not disguised, Herring Aid wears formal clothes with a red fish mask concealing his face.
Nicknames: Red (Eavesman), Fishface (The Wall)
Enemies: The Wall, enemies of the Info Mafia

This was a lot of fun to make, I hope everyone else has as much fun as I did. :smile: Of course, if anyone wants to make some more serious heroes, I’m not restricting you from making anything. Go wild! Get dark! Just remember to clean up the bodies afterward, the Info Mafia will take good care of any potential blackmail material. :face_with_monocle:

If you’re unsure of who you’d like to make, here’s a few ideas. Remember it doesn’t have to be yourself! :upside_down_face:

I can envision Polaris as an OP peacekeeper, and a bumbling Discobot sidekick to accompany him
Queen Kate has a certain fondness for popping David’s balloons… but why? :balloon:
The two forum disrupters who I won’t call out by name might be good inspiration for villains
Kinokan has brilliant potential for a hero, given… well, everything about him
CowadWhisper8 could be a Sailor Moon? Maybe? I’ve never watched it, so idk
If you’ve already made a character, it’s easy to make another one that’s connected to them somehow. You could also make a character who’s linked to someone else’s.

W-w-what is going on?

Ok, so this is a pretty cool idea, hope to see more topics like this on the forum, and here’s mine I guess! Also, you might wanna change the name, very misleading, and almost enough to get this topic flagged.

Superhero name: The Spaghetti Specter.
Secret identity: The Spaghetti King, king of the small country on the edge of Italy.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Powers: Control over all pasta(like Poison Ivy), Teleportation, and Invisibility.
Weaknesses: Food Poisoning and Ghost Hunters of any kind.
Teams: The Regulars, Concept Artists, The Ghastly Goodies, The Alliteration Alliance.
League: The Foodie League
Underlings: The Foodie Footsoldiers
Lairs: Under The Spaghetti Castle, The Foodie Headquarters,
Gadgets: The Rigatoni Rocket Launcher, The Spaghetti Saber, other Pasta themed weapons using alliteration,
Favorite Tricks: Teleporting Behind enemies and capturing them with Noodles, Shooting the ground with the Rigatoni Rocket Launcher and teleporting away for dramatic effect,
Ally: Mr. Pizza
Nemesis: The Terrifying Tortellini

Mr. Pizza, from my Unlikely Character Concepts, was born from a radiation spill on a pizza parlor, bringing him to life. He at first was a Chaotic Nuetral, before The Spaghetti Spectre took him under his wing, and he is now a force for good. As shown in the Unlikely Character Concept, he uses his many toppings to stop his foes.
He has no costume, as he is literally a pizza with a mustache. He has a very friendly personality, unless you threaten his friends.

The Terrifying Tortellini is a villain with very similar powers to the Spaghetti Spectre, and uses them for evil. He was once imprisoned by the Spaghetti Royal family, and has sworn revenge against the entire Spaghetti Kingdom. He has used his powers to create an army of Noodle Ninjas, and was a former member of the Alliteration Alliance.

There we go! I hope other people do hero’s like this!


Furries? That’s really a weird idea!

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I see wot u did there :smirk:


Since when is there furries? I said no such thing. Only superheroes.


Ok I’m going to make myself as a hero :pig:
Hero name: The Pig Summoner
Identity: IslandBoy611
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Powers: Summoning flying pigs, flying, making things fly in the air
Weakness:Flying Soap bars
Teams:The Island Civilisation
Underlings:Island warriors
Lairs:The pig fortress
Gagets: Pig blasters, robot wings
Favorite skills:make an enemy fly into another enemy,shooting pigs into villans’ mouth
Ally:Kyle the Pig
Nemesis:The Butcher Man

Kyle the Pig was a pig that was sent to Some person’s house and that person did a experiment on it and sent it to this hero

The Butcher Man is a person who brings butcher knives everywhere and tries to turn farm animals into meat
He always fails but he never gives up!


Well, alright, I prolly cannot do this as well as some of you but I guess I will try.

Name: The Soul Keeper
Known as Champion David when surfing the forums.
Other Alias: Prince David, David the King, Modern Vampire.
Alignment: True Neutral
Powers: Immortality, flight, Soul Control, Portals, Healing, soul Reimbursement.
Weakness: Bright Light.
Teams: None
Underlings: Soul Armies
Lair: Underworld, Soul Safe
Gadgets: Magical Scythe, Soul Katanas, Bola Souls.
Favorite moves: Portal sneak attacks, Decapitations, Soul Pluck, Soul Harvest.
Assistant: Hades :sunglasses:
Arch-Nemesis: Apollo


The Soul Keeper could change the results of an entire war. With his soul harvest ability, he could collect the souls of an entire army. That is, if he wanted too. For the most part, The soul keeper prefers to stay out of the spotlight and work behind the scenes.

There was a single time, however, when his assistant, Hades, convinced him to deploy several of his souls and possess some of the strongest creatures in the land. The Soul Keeper granted Hades full control of these creatures and gave him two minions for him to use however he chose. Then The Soul Keeper turned back to his readings of ancient texts long forgotten by both mortals and gods.

For, The Soul Keeper had been in the world before gods or men. Indeed, he alone had the power to blow out the immortal wicks of the gods souls. After Hades, attempted and failed to conquer the world above, and destroyed five of The Soul Keeper’s most valuable souls, The Soul Keeper, fuming in anger, removed his protection from Hades and allowed him to be pulled down into the well of souls.

But, The Soul Keeper will not snuff out Hades’s soul just yet. For, something new has happened. Something has summoned Hades elsewhere. The Soul Keeper has questions. For the first time since the beginning of time, he has questions. The creativity of mortals has fascinated him in a new way. And through the eyes of his assistant, he will view and discover the answer to this new problem. He could never investigate for himself. Apollo with all his light has kept him away from there. Besides, The Soul Keeper is much more content way down deep in the Underworld below the Underworld.

Sorry this was a little long…


So True Neutral?

Nah, long baclstories are great too. I don’t mind it at all :smile:


Alirght, I’ll shall give dis hero thing a go!

Super name: Drone the 9th
Alias: DroneIX
Alignment: Neutral friendly
Powers: Mind control, Levatation
Weakness: Being annoyed
Teams: The Concept artists, the Forum friends
Underlings: The Drones
Lair: The Drone Mothership
Gadgets: Droneblaster, miniDrone, Dome Drone, the HeavyDrones (basically miniguns)
Favorite moves: Leavitating ememies, Mind controling things
Allies: Drone the 10th
Enemies: Bot the 6th

Bot the 6th is a robot that came from space, who came to destroy & terrorize because he was bored. Wow, good way to kill time bot the 6th. Bot the 6th was created by Aliens with smart brains. These aliens made Bot the 6th & Bot the 6th was all like “I’m bored, I’m gonna kill u aliens.” And thats how Bot the 6th came to earth & Drone the 9th knew he needed to do something.

Drone the 10th is the friend of Drone the 9th. They were childhood friends & when she discovers that her best friend was a super kicking butt hero, she joins Drone the 9th on his quest to stop Bot the 6th.

Hope u guys like dis.


Tell you what, I’ll give this a try.

I’ve always considered myself a supervillain supporter over a hero supporter.

:black_small_square:Name: Presence
:black_small_square:A.K.A: Professor Lucian Dolohov.
:black_small_square:Alignment: Criminal
:black_small_square:Powers: Umbrakinesis (Limited), High Intelligence, Fast, Agile.
:black_small_square:Weakness: Bright Light.
•Black cane with silver raven head attachment: Cane contains highly advanced technology which can extinguish light and release a toxin, causing temporary blindness if it comes in contact with a victims eyes.
:black_small_square:Hobbies: Presence enjoys thievery and deception. He is said to love messing with his enemies, though he has never been known to kill any who he encounters.
:black_small_square:Appearance: Dolohov wears a black and gray pinstriped suit, complete with a black sort of bowler hat with a small silver button on the front of his hat. He has a small black bow tie against a dark gray undershirt.

Lucian Dolohov was a professor at a respected City university, before he was unfairly fired for a minor mistake that a student framed him for. Enraged at his unemployment, Presence took on the identity, beginning his life of crime, fighting both the civilians and creeps. He has quickly risen to being one of the most largely hated criminals in Cityville, and is a common enemy of many superheroes.


Lol wow! I get like a Penguin Mafia vibe O.o

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These superhero concepts look cool. :+1:

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@Queen_Kate I want to see what kind of superhero/villain you will make!

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You guys have some good heroes and villains! I came up with a little something to add on to @TheSpaghettiKing’s idea :spaghetti:

Super Name: Spaghetton
Alias: n/a
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Powers: Spaghetti Creation | Regeneration | Super Strength
Weaknesses: Fire | Water | Pasta Sauce
Teams: n/a
Masters: The Spaghetti Specter | Spaghetti Royal Family
Lair: Under the Spaghetti Castle
Gadgets: Spaghetti Spikes
Favorite Moves: Using dry spaghetti as fangs | tying up enemies with spaghetti
Allies: The Spaghetti Specter | Mr. Pizza
Nemesis: Any enemy of the Spaghetti Royal Family
Backstory: Spaghetton was once an ordinary pasta chef centuries ago, loyal to the Great Spaghetti King. When the Rigatoni Raiders attacked, he gave his life to save the king. Grateful for his sacrifice, the king had his personal Spaghetti Sorcerer revive the chef, transforming him into the beast we see today. When the Great Spaghetti King died, Spaghetton sealed himself in the basement of the castle, slumbering until one of the king’s descendants needed his help centuries later…


That’s great! I guess to be fair, I have to make a beast for the Terrifying Tortellini!

Beast’s name: The Dischi Dragon
Alias: n/a
Chaotic Evil
Powers: Spicy Sauce Breath, Flight, and Limited Control on Wind.
Weaknesses: Stale Noodles, Caveins, The truth about his species.
Teams: n/a
Master: The Terrifying Tortellini
Lair: The Cannelloni Cavern
Gadgets: n/a
Tricks: Flying in the air, lifting the enemy up in the air, and then burning them midair with the Spicy Sauce.
Allies: The Terrifying Tortellini, The Rigatoni Raiders
Nemesis: The entire Spaghetti Kingdom
Backstory: was once an egg in the Spaghetti Castle Zoo, but when the Terrifying Tortellini escapes prison, he stole the egg and raised it in the ways of evil. It is now 3 tons in weight and 25 feet tall. The Terrifying Tortellini told it that the Spaghetti Royal Family killed all the rest of his kind, when really they had been trying to save the species from extinction, making it have a hatred for anything related to the Spaghetti Kingdom.


Villain name: the paper man
Allies eeryone
Powers killing😈fire water air every thing under the son
Teacher myself

Hideout the killer cage

Gadgets gun bomb blaster sandwich rocket boots

Nemesis everyone

Back story was born in 13537 with fire breathing killing every one in the room then they were huge and killed every one

The end


Well since my original avatar was the mushroom, I’m gonna do one on that.

Superhero Hero Name: The Mushy Mushroom
Alias: TherMasterStitch
Alignment: Good
Power: Control over the earth and life forms (if I concentrate I can control humans), invisibility, being able to poison people by touch
Weakness: Delicious food, cute animals
Team: Food League, Planet Protecters, Avengence
Underlings: Nearly all life forms
Liar: The Entire Earth (with some exceptions in the ocean), also called Mushroom Manor
Gadgets: Mushjet, Mushblaster, Mushbeam, and mush (much) more
Favorite Moves: Blasting baddies, being invisible and touching baddies to poison, if many enemies I get life form allies to fight with me
Main allies: Daring Dumpling, Courageous Coconut, Helping Hunny
Nemesis: Evil Eggplant

The Mushy Mushroom used to be the sidekick to China Carrot. They were best friends and frequently fought Evil Eggplant. One day, Evil Eggplant killed China Carrot. Mushy Mushroom barely escaped. He was so devastated but swore revenge. He called on three of his friends to form the Food League. Mushy Mushroom wants to defeat the Evil Eggplant from taking over the world. He wants to protect his friends and family, especially since his old teacher just got baked into a pizza. After the death of his mentor, he’s only gotten stronger.

Daring Dumpling has also been picked on since he was always a bit chubby. Now he fights crime with Mushy Mushroom. He karate chops baddies and used his secret move: bouncing his dumping body on bad guys. Courageous Coconut user to be cool, until some kids pretended he was a bowling ball. Then he was ridiculed. After years of bullying, he came out stronger and wanting to help others. Now he fights bad guys by bowling into them, thus showing he’s past the bullying. Helping Hunny was seen as a nice and smart kid, but no one was really his best friend since people were afraid of sticking to him. Now he fights crime by sticking baddies in place so his team can fight them. He also blinds them by sticking their eyes shut.

Evil Eggplant was never taken seriously. America mns called him one name, the rest of the world called him another. Many people didn’t like him or have never tried Eggplant. And he hated the eggplant emoji scandal. So he set out to dominate the world by wiping out all other foods so people can only have eggplants. His enemy was China Carrot. Now he faces his toughest challenge yet: the Food League. He will fight with all his might. He will use his powers of strong persuasion, durability, and weak control of time to fight. He will use his Evil Laser, Flavoy Eraser, and more.

The future of food hangs in the balance…
:mushroom: :dumpling: :coconut: :honey_pot: VS :eggplant:
Sorry this came out so long. And yes, this is a universe of sentiment food. There’s a universe of toys coming to life tbf.


cough cough I have tried eggplant…I didn’t like it though…


I love eggplant. It’s just for the sake of the story that he’s mad because people don’t eat him. Also, I created him in like fourth grade for an art assignment along with China Carrot and Mushy Mushroom. Originally, Mushy died, but I wasn’t gonna allow that to happen in this scenario.


Heck, that would be a good plot twist.