Man of mystery (likely concept?)

Stanley pines

Stanley Pines

1 star, frontline control

“Good thing I’m an uncle! Avenge me, kids! AVENGE ME!!”


Entrance: a puff of smoke appears and then fades away to reveal stan with his 8-ball cane

Victory: Stan stands up his 8-ball cane, leans on it and flips his eyepatch to his other eye while giving a smile

Defeat: Stan fakes a heart attack and collapses to the floor

Basic attack: Stan throws a smoke bomb down on the ground in front of a nearby enemy, dealing X damage


White: Nightmare head (fantastic damage)

Passive: each basic attack from stan now blinds the nearest enemy for 0.5 seconds.

Active: stan let’s go of a rope which releases hot air balloon shaped like grunkle stans face that flys above the enemy team, the balloon is so terrifying that it scares all enemies for 20 seconds then the balloon catches on fire and pieces of the balloon falls onto the enemy team, dealing X damage, X continuous damage for 10 seconds and decreasing the duration of each buff on an enemy by 100%.

Green: most distracting object

Stan pulls out the world’s most distracting object and turns it on, stunning the two frontmost enemies for 8 seconds and stealing 25% energy from each stunned enemy.

If an enemy is blinded while this move is used, the stun duration is increased by 5 seconds.

Blue: mirror maze

Stan sets up a mirror right in front of the weakest ally and pretends to be in the mirror, this shields the ally for 20 seconds and gives them 35% of stans current energy at the moment. The mirror has X health and X shield health.

While the mirror is up, stan is completely invisible until the mirror dissapears and cannot be attacked by any source including enemies with precise.

Purple: elderly powers

When he is under 25% of his health, grunkle stan fakes a heart attack and collapses which scares all enemies for 10 seconds but then stan gets right back up and laughs at the enemy team, healing himself for X amount.

Red: fun in no refunds

Blinded enemies now deals 55% less damage to stan and his allies.

Blinded enemies now have a 90% chance to attack and inflict any debuff they have in their skillset to themselves until the blind duration runs out.
+X skill power
+X damage to “Nightmare head”
+X armor


Stanley pines/Scrooge mcduck
Best for business
longer disables during comeback

When Stanley pines activates “elderly powers”, all disables dealt by him now lasts 4 seconds longer for the first 10 seconds of the comeback.

Stanley pines/Nick wilde
Scamming evidence
scares decreases evasion

All scares dealt to enemies decreases their evasion by 100% until the scare ends.


What type of damage?

This is way too long, especially if it’s to all enemies.

This would be way too long, too… I say 8 seconds + the 5 seconds.

Way too long.

Then, the scare will be useless since stunning disables the enemy, and I would lower the duration of the stun or remove it.

What debuffs?

Stat boosters and how is it upgraded per star?

Same thing here.

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