March 2021 Sign-In Hero & Shop Refresh!

March Sign-In Hero and Shop Refresh!

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode March Sign-In Hero and Shop Refresh! Featuring a new Hero, The Rocketeer from Disney’s The Rocketeer!

The Rocketeer


The Rocketeer is a front-line “Damage” hero. The Rocketeer will be the March Sign-In Hero on all servers!


Launch Forth
The Rocketeer launches himself into the air, knocking back nearby enemies. He then lands next to the farthest enemy, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Rocket Punch
The Rocketeer uses a rocket powered punch against the closest enemy, dealing damage and knocking them back.

Quick Fix
When the Rocketeer reaches a percent of his max HP, he launches into the air and retreats into his allies’ backline. Instead of a basic attack, he fixes his rocket pack, healing himself until he reaches max HP or uses “Launch Forth.”

Rocket Up
When the Rocketeer uses “Launch Forth”, the cooldown on “Rocket Punch” is reset to 0. “Rocket Punch” also knocks back and deals damage to nearby enemies.

Energy Boost
If the Rocketeer is fully healed by “Quick Fix”, he gains Energy. The Rocketeer gains stacks of Hardy and heals when he uses “Launch Forth.”


  • The Rocketeer and Kida

March Sign-In Hero & Shop Refresh

Heroes will appear in Shops after they refresh on February 28. Heroes will appear in Crates after the daily reset at 5AM on March 1.

Servers 1-24 Update

New Hero: The Rocketeer will be the March Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Hamm will be available in the VIP Crate
  • Honey Lemon will be available in the Guild Crate
  • Clawhauser will replace Captain Amelia in the City Watch Shop
  • Kronk will replace Ian Lightfoot in the Creep Surge Shop
  • King Louie will replace Powerline in the Arena Shop
  • Angel will replace Jasmine in the Coliseum Shop
  • Shan Yu will replace Scrooge McDuck in the Heist Shop
  • Pleakley will replace Miss Piggy in the Guild War Shop

This is better. I waited long to get Honey Lemon’s hero chips.


Oh hey, ok… that’s cool

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This was so much earlier than I expected.


So excited for Rocketeer as that was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up


Awesome design :slight_smile: :cookie:


He looks like a Star Wars character who I cannot remember the name of… I think they are friends with Poe
Edit: This was more of a cry for help from one of you, Star Wars fans (I am a fan, just not the biggest)


Unexpected. Neat.

I am not a huge fan of the design… but maybe the character is supposed to look like that. I have never seen the film.

I like this skill, but the rest of the kit besides maybe the purple skill is kind of boring. Maybe that is just me.

There is a meme that describes how I feel about this announcement. It is just a bit underwhelming for me. Probably because I no longer play.


Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting The Rocketeer to be released before Dr. Drakken, but this is still cool!

Powerline -> King Louie


Rocketeer looks nice and I hope Drakken is in 2.7.10

Going to need those chips, really the only good shop refresh here for me…


Never saw the movie, so meh for me, but hey… a new IP is always welcome! :cat2:

Exactly same move as Kim does, wonder how much more damage it will do… :roll_eyes:

So, the second friendship won’t appear for a while due to Drakken’s cameo I guess?


I mean, she IS gonna get refreshed, so who knows. Perhaps she’ll do more damage than everyone else…

But yeah, an interesting IP choice…


Say @Polaris are there any emojis for him? He is not in DEB, but Yax, Bogo, and Gerald are not in Deb either…

Also I knew the Rocketeer was gonna be March sign in.

Why is his second friend not there?:thinking: Because that hero is already in game… possible spoilers for new heroes in the friendship :eyes: The friend is my favorite hero and I’m so excited for it but sad at the same times that it’s not on the notes

I was initially a little upset that it wasn’t Drakken, but now that I think on it further…

Maybe he’ll appear in 2.7.10 with a surprise Shego release as well? It’d be perfectly timed with the KP Refresh.

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Interesting choice for a sign-in hero. I’m glad Honey Lemon will be in the guild crate, but I’m not happy about Jasmine being replaced.

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Megavolt and Drakken has a cameo in the second campaing.


And how do you know that Drakken is in the story?:thinking:

Shortly: the data.

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