March Hare & Dormouse (Alice in Wonderland Hero Concept)

March Hare & Dormouse

One’s a crazy tea-party host, and the other just lives in a teapot. The March Hare and the Dormouse boost their allies with their tea brews, but watch out! It’s piping hot!
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Backline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “See all the trouble you’ve started?”

Entrance: March Hare pushes a table into the battlefield and waves the tablecloth, revealing a whole tea set.
Victory: Dormouse flies out of his teapot and sparks a firework blast, then descends into March Hare’s paws with an umbrella.
KO: Dormouse panics, breaking March Hare’s tea set.

Basic Attack: March Hare tosses a plate at enemies.

White Skill - Sugar Blast - Normal Damage
March Hare throws sugar cubes to all allies, granting them X energy and increasing their attack speeds by 65% for 8 seconds.

Green Skill - Special Guest
Dormouse pops his head out from inside his teapot to study the enemy with the most HP for 5 seconds. From then on, that enemy takes 45% additional damage from him and March Hare.

Blue Skill - Fresh From the Kettle
March Hare splashes hot tea all over enemies, dealing X damage over a 9-second time block.

Purple Skill - Move Down!
After the end of the first wave, March Hare and Dormouse gain X additional energy each time enemies attempt to deal damage to them. Their Basic Skill power is increased to X.

Red Skill - Party Hearty
March Hare and Dormouse deal 70% additional damage to an enemy each time they are pitted against the same one from a previous wave.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Special Guest

March Hare & Dormouse + Ariel
Campaign: Planning to a Tea - Ariel has never been to a tea party before, and wouldn’t you know it? March Hare and Dormouse are hosting one just beside the shoreline! She attends, but must help the duo find an extra seat to really liven things up.
Disk: That’s the Tea
Disk Memory: March Hare and Dormouse gain X HP each time they perform their “Sugar Blast” skill.
Disk Power: Z max HP, Z Blue Skill power
Allies: Hopper, Linguini & Remy, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker

March Hare & Dormouse + Mr. Big & Koslov
Campaign: Party All Night - March Hare and Dormouse are tasked to fix tea for Mr. Big and his family. For once, the pair try to consciously focus on what they’re doing, because if something goes wrong, they both get iced!
Disk: Iced Tea
Disk Memory: March Hare and Dormouse’s “Fresh From the Kettle” skill also freezes enemies for 6 seconds.
Disk Power: Z armor
Allies: Pete, Chip & Dale, Kronk

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