Marcie and Peppermint Patty (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Marcie and Peppermint Patty (from Peanuts)
(Peppermint Patty)
Description: An unlikely duo ready to make sure the creeps never mess with them again
Quote: Peppermint Patty: “Don’t call me “Sir”! What kind of dorky kid are you!” Macie: “Dorky?”
Stars: 1
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Marcie walks in reading a book before shutting it once she gets to her position, while Peppermint Patty roller skates next to Marcie at their position, wielding a hockey stick
Victory: Peppermint Patty would stand with pride while Marcie smiles with pride
Death: Peppermint Patty trips on her skates and accidentally hits Marcie in the face with her hockey stick, messing up Marcie’s hair and putting cracks in her glasses
Role: Midline Damage


Basic Attack: Peppermint Patty will send a puck to the closest enemy

White skill: Trick Shot: Fantastic Damage
Peppermint Patty will send three pucks to the farthest, closest, and middle most enemies. Dealing X damage and stunning the enemies hit for 10 seconds

Green skill: Taking Notes
Marcie will adjust her glasses, increasing their basic attack power by 30% for 15 seconds. Marcie will also study the enemy that last preformed their white skill for 13 seconds, they will also be stunned for 15 seconds once that enemy reaches full energy. This can only happen once per enemy

Blue skill: Hockey Tackle: Fantastic Damage
Peppermint Patty will tackle the closest enemy, dealing X damage to them and knocking them back. This attack will deal a bonus X true damage to studied enemies

Purple skill: Sir Smackdown
Marcie and Peppermint Patty, along with allies, will deal 25% more damage to studied and stunned enemies

Red skill: Brains and Brawn
Peppermint Patty and Marcie will heal X health for every stunned or studied enemy in the battle field


Marcie and Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown
Disk: Good Luck Chuck
Peppermint Patty and Marcie’s health is increased by 10% for each KOd enemy in each wave
Marcie attempts to help Peppermint Patty get with Charlie Brown because Patty has a crush on him
Allies: Minnie Mouse Ariel Belle

Marcie and Peppermint Patty and Pete
Disk: Ultimate Challenge
Peppermint Patty and Marcie have their attack increased by 20% at the start of each wave
Peppermint Patty challenges Pete to a triathlon
Allies: Goofy Fred Donald Duck

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