Mark Beaks Character Concept (Ducktales 2017)

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Post 01: My submission to add Mark Beaks to the game.

Mark Beaks!

Quote: “Pew! Pew, pew pew pew! Pew-a-roo!"

Description: Mark Beaks, the founder and CEO of Waddle is here to boost his social presence, do some networking and become truly famous in this game.

Role: Control

Position: Back

Team: Blue

Stars: 3

Entrance: Mark Beaks rides a segway into the battlefield, he jumps off it and tosses his helmit off-screen as the segway rolls away. Mark Beaks quickly turns his back to take a cute selfie on his phone before facing the opponents.

Victory: Mark Beaks gets fanboy eyes and starts taking photos of his teammates in excitement.

Defeat: Mark Beaks phone breaks so he searches his pockets, then drops his replacement phone and it bounces away so in a sudden panic he turns and chases it off-screen.

Basic Attack:
Mark Beaks plays on his phone, the phone launches Hashtags at the enemy that damage upon impact.

White Skill:
Waddle Remote!

Mark Beaks holds up his phone, pushes a button to activate a digital pulse wave.
All electronic enemies such as Wall-E, Beymax & Gizmoduck become “controlled” then attack their own team for 4 seconds.
Waddle Remote has a 75 percent chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Green Skill:

Mark Beaks uses his phone to hijack the background music of the game to play his own beats, boosting all teammates stats slightly until Mark Beaks is defeated.

Blue Skill:
Punch App!

When an enemy is near, Mark Beaks panics and hides behind his phone. His phone then punches the enemy, doing slight fantastic damage and a large knock back.

Purple Skill:
Back-up Phones!

If Mark Beaks is struck with any special conditions like freeze or fear, he is unaffected but the condition breaks his phone and he takes 1.5 seconds to pull out a new phone that allows him to continue the battle again.

Red Skill:
Trending Worldwide!

When Mark Beaks begins trending it doubles the Fantastic Damage of his Punch App, the Stat Boosts from his R-Rr-Rr-Remix and the Control Duration of his Waddle Remote.

R-Rr-Rr-Remix also begins to heal allies X amount per second.
This Heal effect is halved on allies below level X.

Additional Boosts:

+X Basic Damage
+X Max HP
+X Reality


Waddleduck Returns
“Mark Beaks agrees to help Gizmoduck save the world”

A Beautiful Bot
“Mark Beaks falls in love with his idea of EVE”

So that’s my first hero concept,


Amazing love it

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(ten noices)


Joking it was legendary good job


Thank you both for the kind words :grin: I am very proud :revolving_hearts:


Your welcome :blush:


And you should be, as it is an absolute masterpiece :slight_smile:


Absolutely awesome! I love how you added pictures also, it adds so much to how hilarious Mark is. You may want to use the Circle Profile Picture app if you want to make the pictures even better, you can shape pictures into circles and color borders around them. But overall, amazing! I hope we see him in season 3 again


Hey, to whoever flagged that message…
Don’t flag messages in my threads, ever.
That’s my job.

Also you should not flag messages just because you do not understand them.

Yes it is in another language, but it was still an on-topic message and it is actually a very good question about where to draw the line on Waddle Remotes control over electronic enemies.

Buena pregunta, Tron, Buzz, Zurg, Syndrome y Duke Kaboom estarán todos controlados. El resto está en debate jajaja


Gracias tenia esa pregunta yo digo que la mayoría de los de Toy Storie estarán controlados igual los de Tron


creo que esto deberia curar a un aliado por que vi la serie y era como una app para chocar los 5 :fist_right: :fist_left: :+1:


podria ser: when an ally is behind his 50% max HP mark beaks takeout his phone and (choca los 5) with the ally healing X HP, solo una sugerencia :grin:


@Rinoxeronte Es cierto que Mark Beaks creó la aplicación para chocar los cinco, pero más adelante en el programa se une a algunos villanos en un equipo que planean atacar, por lo que Mark Beaks actualiza la aplicación para golpear en lugar de chocar los cinco. Ha sido una aplicación de lucha desde entonces.

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creo que olvide eso :sweat_smile:


esta es una revisión precisa, no tengo idea de por qué se marcó.

Wait, I checked, you got a better badge.
The foxy concept reviews

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Oh an emerald badge! Your concept has set the high score!

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I’ll set a link to your concept to show it’s the high score. Any inspirational quotes?

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“Cash is dead, the new currency is buzz! - Mark Beaks”

Awesometown! Population: Beaks!’

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