Megabits and xp drinks

This is becoming ridiculous. 43.99 for a megabit deal is to much money. 17.99 would be fair. Not only this you already offered this 2 times inna week. This means those that dont have masses of money feel left out and quit. Several more have or announced this is their last patch. Not only this the extortionate amounts of red xps required is just ridiculous. Not enough red xps in trials. Red xps should of been in diamond crates long ago!!! Its a joke @Polaris do you actually care about the players? The world had a pandemic. We stuck by you through it. What has per blue given back? Nothing.

You already made two topics on this and there’s a topic for this…


Didnt mention megabits

not being listened to though are we?

Megabits have to do with Yellow…

Still not the point is it. Look how badly this has affected me.

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