Yellow Rank and Codebase Feedback!

Here’s where you can provide feedback on Yellow Rank and the Codebase Trials!


I think battles badges should be able to unlocked by the heroes themselves, not with the help of other allies, disks, or enemies. I’m talking about

  • Sally
  • Fear
  • Ian
  • Tron
  • Shang
  • Meg
  • Kida
  • Rapunzel
  • Duke
  • Genie
  • Peter
  • QoH
  • Ducky and Bunny
  • Jasmine

And there are lots more.

And maybe give stats that makes sense to heroes…


Barbossa has DoT with each basic attack on Purple.

How about Jack Sparrow @Polaris ? 301+92.5 Normal Crit from Badges and Red Skill and given 60 Normal Crit when battle badge enhanced?
Can that be changed into Armor Negation? (Has 300, with 30 other characters with Armor Negation he’d have 330 so 95%) THANKS!

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I put a question mark because it said Barb needs DOT to be applied to two heroes, not enemies. Polaris confirmed that the text needed to be updated, so there’s that.


Its as bad as I feared 43.99 deals really far to expensive for megabits. 17.99 ok but 44 pound no chance. I really can’t afford it and as I feared alot of xp bottles. Its shocking yet another cash cow. Im so disappointed polaris. Whales yet again win. Think its time for me to quit. I cant keep up with this.


I’m a little worried about the drop rates of megabits in the codebase. Maybe it’s a bit early to complain about this but I got around 1000 bits in total today (spread over the 4 megabit types). If every battle badge costs 900 bits to unlock, it would take around 14 days to unlock battle badges for 15 heroes, 3 lineups. And that are only 15 heroes. However, that’s only the beginning. It looks like battle badges can get levelled up at some point and the first level up is going to cost 1800 megabits, double the amount to unlock. I’m assuming this will increase with 900 with each level. Besides that, enhancing your battle badge is also going to cost megabits and the amount will increase with every battle badge you enhance. So, maybe it’s too early to say but the balance between the drop rates of megabits and the costs of battle badges, upgrades and enhancements doesn’t seem right.


To quickly reply to your post I can say this is what I got today, minus the 900 damage ones:

I only got to rank 10, so I probably need to find some better strategies, and beside that Freeze aren’t my main attack type either.

I thought I at least bring this up as this likely prepresent what unoptimized teams might get.


It’s maybe a little early to give specific feedback but anyway… is it possible to get quick fight for the Mega Virus battle? It got to be like 5 minutes long…

Well, I think this is representative for what F2P gets vs (at least former) P2P or P2W.
I got 470x damage ones in 3 battles (preferred ones) but I do spend some.
So yes, the steps can’t be that steep.

First feedback… @Polaris

Kim Possible

  • Many know she needs Evasion, and the refresh just helped her a bit with energy-gain so it’s useless for her, or at least not as helpful as Evasion buff, without evasion she keeps getting disabled and does no damage/performance
    • She really needs evasion, please change it, it would be very nice :slight_smile:


Here is a tragedy…

  • Reality could technically stay…
  • She has NO use for Basic Damage, as she is the hero from the whole game with the lowest HP this really needs to be replaced for HP buff.
  • That shield isn’t really matching, her main job is healing, and she should get team-heal instead of team-shield, it will also work nicely with her Red Skill :slight_smile:


Why full reality, quite useless…

  • The First stat boost should be replaced by HP boost


The story known by ALL, he lacks armor negation and evasion/tenacity, battle badges don’t give enough to help him, but there’s just right buff for him… Hardy stacks!

  • Replace speed buff to 4 Hardy stacks


Basic damage is useless for her…

  • Replace basic damage for HP boost
  • She has enough crit damage… ; replace crit damage for reality negation buff


  • Battle badge shouldn’t ask for maxed red skill
    • Replace the requirements for charging battle badge for number of basic attacks or White Skills


Hardy stacks are only from his Rex disk.
He has no use for normal (and fantastic) crit.

  • Change charge method for a number of scares
  • Change normal crit buff for team-heal


Again, to charge it Genie needs to equip. Mike disk

  • Change method of charge for Number of White Skills
  • He would benefit more from skill power buff

  • Why it asks for KO’d allies, very unfair…
    • bug? :bug:


  • It shouldn’t ask for a specific disk, change it for the number of charmed enemies


  • Don’t ask for maxed red skill, make it charged by a number of basic attacks


  • She doesn’t scare… replace it by number of basic attacks

What about Mr. Incredible? He can defeat everyone by himself can he? :thinking: :man_shrugging:


That’s from 3 runs which I don’t think is quite representative for F2P, but under 100 per unit per run is likely the case yeah for most if not all F2P.

We will see on how it goes for me tomorrow :-).

I purposefully didn’t list all of them :expressionless:

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Are stacks of Dread or damage with his active nothing to you?


Only second part, and scaling, 100k more damage and 54k per stack isn’t the most impressive thing, 1.1M at max. But maybe.

He can knock back enemies with his white skill, so he doesn’t require a specific disk or specific teammates to charge his battle badge in a fight.


Ok great. That’s all I need to know. :slight_smile: :+1:

And also, the Invincible is only applied here when Meg has died. :joy: :man_facepalming:

Other heroes can apply it of course, but still… this is bad.

In terms of actual Codebase feedback, I’d probably enjoy it more if it was a bit less ‘set & forget’.

Once I’d started the battle, everything kinda whizzed through and I wasn’t really sure what was going on, and if buffs were being gained by the Virus there wasn’t much to show that - and not much I could do to combat it, anyway. The bar at the top scrolled along as my score went up, then my heroes died. I got some Megabits.The end. :man_shrugging:

Making the battle itself a little more involved by clearly showing what the Virus is up to & introducing ways for us to combat it would be great. Currently you can just pick a team and let it Auto without much attention.


A point of feedback I have on Yellow itself is that on the hero card, there’s not enough difference in the little triangle that indicates whether a Battle Badge is unlocked or not. It’s too hard to tell which is which.

(Yes it’s not impossible for someone with perfect vision, but if you have to hold your phone 4 inches from your face and squint, it’s too difficult)

It should be more contrasted, like how the Red Skill icon is black/white.

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