Megara and Mulan Error

There is currently a bug in the game that will allow Megara to link with herself if Mulan and other specific heroes are on the same team. This allows Megara to become invincible.

We have a fix for this, which will prevent Meg from linking with herself, and it requires a full client update. We’re currently planning to release this on June 15.

For now, we have taken the following steps to prevent this bug from happening in the game. This applies to Coliseum, Arena, Guild War and Creep Surge. This applies to lineups that also have Hades, Yzma, Baymax, Powerline, Launchpad, and Huey, Dewey & Louie.

  • If Mulan and Megara are on your defensive team, Mulan will be removed at the start of combat
  • If Mulan and Megara are on your attacking team, you will receive an error message and will need to change your lineup.

I apologize for the confusion and frustration surrounding this bug and thank you for being patient while we work to fix it.


Will she be replaced or will you only have 4 heroes?


Still have some in my arena that are starting with mulan and meg and some with just meg …

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Only 4 heroes


Your fix is only working sporadically. Some mulans still spawn with meg and cant be killed.

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Can you give me the specific lineup where this happens?

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Haven’t seen any myself, but one of my guildmates says its all of them. Another has seen some not spawn.

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Hi Whiskey :sweat_smile:

Mulan still appears in all my fight.


@Polaris Can we get an arena defense reset? I just changed my defense to include these characters and now you change the rules of the gameplay and I can’t change my defense for another day and 9 hours…

Mulan will appear in the fights if there isn’t a risk of Meg linking to herself. In both those screenshots, Meg is linked to another hero.


Why was it an issue to begin with? Gonzo starts off screen and links to meg because of starting ability just like mulan and nobody complained. I was using mulan with meg ever since Mulan was released as a war line, way before this bug with a legit team where mulan would be at the front. So…Im going to have no war line for this war?

Meg was linking to herself instead of mulan. Meg makes an ally invincible until meg dies. If meg is the ally… meg can’t die. Until meg dies.


Maybe if older toons were updated more regularly then us players wouldn’t have to deal with these broken glitches.

Maybe give Meg a red skill why you’re at it?

Maybe take a look at all the older toons and update them accordingly so they can be relevant with current meta and not bug out since they haven’t been updated in ages, the current “refresh” system is simply to slow to keep up with the constant new toons coming out.


Oh ok, reading the original post, a lot of people thought it was in every scenario, not some specific scenarios.

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For those asking for an arena defense, the only thing i can say is that it sucks. But you changed you line up hoping to use this bug longer than you actually could. So no i dont think an reset of arena defense resets is fair. Attacking people were locked out of that spot and apparently the defense with team doesn’t hold up now. Too bad thats the risk you take


Sorry, I added the list of heroes to the original post. It will only block Mulan if the team also has Megara, Hades, Yzma, Baymax, Powerline, Launchpad, and Huey, Dewey & Louie (or some combination of those).


give everyone arena team reset please since it’s your fault and people had to protect themselves. we also lost arena attacks wasting them on such unkillable line ups…


Lol using a bug, changing a team that nobody can defeat you, and now start cry u want a reset for using bug?

I’d said that’s ur own fault, let other pass you for using bugs


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Why don’t you hide mulan from the game until the final fix?

Just remove mulan from everyone

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